Tips on How to Teach Your Kids Good Study Habits

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Students get excited to go back to school because they get to see their friends again or flaunt their new school gear on the campus. But that excitement, it seems, doesn’t spill over to the actual school work. This feeling will just make doing all their projects and reports all the more difficult to do, even for schools as holistic and open as Montessori schools in Singapore.

So, as a parent, what should you do? How can you teach them the value of their education without turning them away by sounding preachy? Well, it starts with helping them develop a study habit that works for them.

Teach them to get organized

You can give each of your kids their own planner. Between all the school work and extra-curricular activities, it’s best that they stay on top of their deadlines and schedules so that it is one less thing to stress over. You can teach them to color code each item so that they know what to prioritize.

Give them their own study area

When it comes to work of any kind, we all function better when we feel comfortable. The same is true when finishing homework, especially with the world load being given to students these days. If it isn’t their bedroom, ask them where they want to study. At the same time, ask them what helps them when they are studying. Some kids like having snacks nearby, there are others who like to play loud music. You must know these things so that you can help them prep their area and know not to interrupt them too much when working.

Tell them to consult the syllabus

At the start of the school year, each teacher gives our syllabi for students to look out. It does not just contain the reading materials and lessons that they will be teaching for the semester, but also the grade breakdown. Your kids must know the breakdown so that they can consult with their teachers if they have queries about the grades that they are getting. It should also be used as a guide so that they know what they should be studying if they decide to get ahead of the reading materials.

Help them avoid cramming

The only way to avoid cramming is by reading notes every day. If they already know a test is coming up, they should start creating a study plan that consists of reading one topic per subject every day until at least a day before the test. In this way, they did not procrastinate and cram all the lessons they need to study in one night. They can get a well-deserved rest from all of that the day before so that they can take the test refreshed.

Make sure they are not too stressed out

The key to effective studying is thinking positively. Once stress takes over, no matter how many times they go over their notes, it will not register. You can make sure that they are not stressing themselves out by looking out for the signs like frequent headaches and bad temper. When this happens, it is important not to hover too much. What you can do is to let them know that they can always approach you when they need help.

Keep these things in mind when school starts and your kids will encounter no problems with their work.

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