Tips On How You Can Shop For Loose Diamonds in Texas

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Loose Diamonds

Where to buy loose diamonds in Texas? What to look for when buying a loose diamond? Every diamond is one of a kind and when you are buying wholesale loose diamonds in Texas, it would allow you to buy a diamond that is more fit for your price range while giving you the flexibility that you would not get when you buy a diamond that is already set on any type of jewelry like an engagement ring or a necklace. Here are a few tips on how you can shop for loose diamonds in Texas.

What do you mean by loose diamond?

Loose diamonds are diamonds that are rough diamonds (diamonds that come directly from the earth) that are shaped into these beautiful diamonds that are already categorized in the 4Cs without being set on any type of jewelry. So it’s just the diamond. But they are ready to be set on any piece of jewelry that you would want it to be, may it be an engagement ring, necklace, or maybe even a ring.

People nowadays prefer to buy their own diamonds before they go to another jeweler to set it since you could save more money when you are doing that instead of buying a piece of jewelry that is already set since you would be able to control more of the quality of the diamond that way.

How to Buy a Loose Diamond

Types of Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamond Cuts

1. Brilliant

Being the most common cut, brilliant cuts allow the diamond to have more facets, making the stone reflect light through it, making it sparkle. They have the most sparkle out of all of these cuts, effectively making it more expensive compared to all of the other diamond cuts.

2. Step

The step cut is not commonly used by people who buy diamonds, but they are very unique and beautiful, giving it a modern, clean and precise cut that has a large facet. It is very elegant, as you see the facets running parallel to each other, maximizing the carat weight of the rough diamond.

3. Modified Brilliant

A modified-brilliant cut is the same as a brilliant cut, except they tend to have different shapes so this is usually used on shapes that are unusual, like the heart, oval, and pear because, in these shapes, you should not waste the diamond itself, so doing this cut would help retain most of the rough diamond and style it in a way that is unique and not commonly used by diamond buyers.

Loose Diamond Shapes

1. Princess

Princess diamonds are square, already giving it a perfect and unique look for engagement rings. They usually also come in this sort of rectangular shape, but most of the time it is a perfect square so you have to pick the right setting for this loose diamond if you want to make sure the corners of the diamond are appropriate for this shape.

2. Cushion

The cushion-shaped diamond is like a pillow, combining both the round and princess cut, it has softer and rounder engines but the shape of the diamond is squarish. If you like this cut, make sure that all sides are symmetrical, or else it wouldn’t look right.

3. Round

The round diamond shape would have to be one of the most popular shapes when it comes to loose diamonds and they are usually used for earrings and engagement rings. They have a dazzling sparkle and have larger facets, giving them a beautiful look to it.

4. Emerald

Emerald-shaped loose diamonds are more rectangular than anything and you have to look out for the color and the clarity of this type of cut since it would affect the overall look of the loose diamond.


Making sure that your loose diamond is certified serves a lot of purposes, not only is it needed when you are planning on reselling your diamond, but it gives you the comfort that you are getting your money’s worth since diamonds are an expensive investment. Get your certificate either from GIA or AGS since they are the most reliable and accurate laboratories and they have a grading system that everyone uses.


You have to set your budget when you are buying anything, especially when it comes to diamonds. Setting a budget would help you narrow down some of your choices when it comes to buying the kind of loose diamond you are looking for. Before you set your budget, you should already have an idea if you want to prioritize size, quality, or the sparkle of the diamond. In today’s day and age, the average price of an engagement ring today is about $6,351 according to The Knot, but your budget would depend on how much you could afford. Don’t put yourself into debt for this.

Setting it on Jewelry

After buying your loose diamond, it is now time to set it. The amazing thing about buy8ing loose diamonds is that you could also personalize everything else, like what kind of jewelry you are using the diamond on and what kind of metal is being used. It gives you the perfect opportunity to really make it your own.

Buying a loose diamond has far more transparency compared to buying a diamond that is already set and ready to go. It would take a while to actually have on your hand, especially if you are planning on setting it already, but it is worth it seeing as it is personalized, adding more meaning to the piece of jewelry, and at the end of the day, you made sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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