Tips On Taking Care Of Home Appliances

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Appliances make work easier around the home. They’re great when they work but can be a nuisance when not functioning. You can ensure that your appliances are lasting longer with minimal repairs when there is a maintenance plan in place. If you do need repairs, check out have been numerous advances in appliance technology to improve ease and comfort in a home. There are different kinds of appliances in a home. The kitchen will obviously be the focal point if you’re looking to come up with an appliance maintenance plan. We’re going to highlight some of the common home appliances and how they should be maintained.


The refrigerator should never be overloaded with food items. This is because it will have to work extra hard to cool everything that is inside. This will, in turn, accelerate the process of wear and tear. You should also have a basic understanding of the different areas to store your food. A refrigerator that is empty is also not great. You will be losing a lot of energy as a result. Don’t put food directly in the fridge unless it has been brought to room temperature. Opening doors should be minimized whenever there is a power outage.

The water filters in the refrigerator also need to be replaced regularly. Failure to do so could lead to water contamination. The particular instructions for changing the filter will vary from one manufacturer to another.

Pet hair, dust, and dirt can clog the coils of the refrigerator. This will, in turn, restrict the airflow and the refrigerator will have to work overtime in order to cool the food. You should make sure that the coils are being cleaned regularly so that the fridge is working at optimum capacity. The location of the coil will often be found behind the kick plate but could vary from one model to another. Nevertheless, your refrigerator will break sometimes, it’s unavoidable, so however well you maintain it, be ready and have someone like Richmond Hill appliance repair services on speed dial since they will come the same day and save your fridge and food from going bad.

Washing Machine

You should start by investing in a high-quality and reliable washing machine. One good example would be the Candy washing machine. It is a perfect fit for every house as it only requires very low maintenance. There are cheap washing machines in the market but will not be as reliable as the more expensive ones. You might have to look for Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs because your washing machine keeps breaking down. For taking care of the washing machine, only use quality cleaner to wash it at least once a month. The door or lid should be left open for a couple of minutes after every wash. Liquids should be kept away from the control panel to avoid damaging the electronics. Never forget to wipe the inside of the drum with a dry cloth once the washing is complete and the machine is not in use.

Microwave and Oven

You should avoid using plastic utensils in the microwave as they can melt when exposed to high temperatures. The spills inside the microwave should be cleaned as soon as they happen to avoid stubborn stains which can be tough to clean. It is not recommended to operate the microwave when it is completely empty.

The oven door needs to have a tight seal to avoid loss of energy which could lead to an increase in electricity cost. When there is no proper seal, you could lose up to 20% more energy. This means that food will take longer to cook and there is also a chance that it will cook unevenly. Make sure that the seal is replaced if there are any deformed areas. You can also find which is the best OTR microwave and get one according to your needs.


The dryer exhaust needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Lint in the dryer is not only a fire hazard but can also reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Inspect the hoses that are connected to the back panel for weak spots, leaks, and cracks. In case of any deformities, make sure that the hoses are being replaced. The hoses need to be replaced every five years.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner filter needs to be replaced every few months. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications. There are some filters than only need to be cleaned. Clogged or dirty filters will inhibit the smooth flow of air. This means that the air conditioner will have to work hard in order to cool and warm the house. Maintaining your air conditioner keeps air conditioners running at total capacity. Experts recommend cleaning the filter every two to three weeks.

To sum it up, having an appliance maintenance plan will ensure their longevity and you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive repairs. In case your appliance needs repairs, you need to ensure that you’re getting the right appliance repair technician for the job to avoid potential issues.

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