Tips For Simple Summer Storage

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Thank you, Katie, for this this great guest post on summer storage!  I hope all of you enjoy it and get some great tips out of it, like I did!


Believe it or not, summer is quickly coming to a close.  While fall doesn’t officially start until the end of September, August and the beginning of September is all about back-to-school sales and transitioning from swimsuits to sweaters.

As you start to make room for school supplies and cool-weather clothes, the question of summer storage is sure to come up.  Instead of stuffing everything into the back of your closet this year, use these easy storage tips to get prepped and organized for fall:

  1. Instead of trying to hang your summer clothes alongside fall and winter clothes, store summer clothing in a separate location.  Use plastic containers to hold shorts, tank tops and swim suits and keep your containers in a cool, dry place.  Under the bed or on a shelf in the back of your closet both make good storage locations, but avoid storing clothes in attics, basements or garages.
  2. Create even more space in your closets for fall and winter items by donating summer clothes that you never wear.  A good rule of thumg is that if you haven’t worn an article of clothing in the past year, it’s probably not worth keeping.  Just make sure to remove any stains before you donate.
  3. For gardening tools that won’t be used again until spring, consider hanging a peg board in your garage or laundry room.  This way you can clear up space on the floor and avoid tripping over a bulky basket of gardening tools all fall and winter long.
  4. Instead of trying to stuff beach and lawn chairs into your basement or storage closet, intall strong hooks in your garage or outdoor shed and hang up the chairs.  Folded chairs will lay flat against the wall and won’t be in danger of sliding over or taking up space.
  5. To store outdoor and beach toys that stay out in the backyard all summer long, collect them and place in a plastic shopping bag.  Then hang the bag on nails and hooks in your garage, basement or storage closet to keep everything in one place for next year.

If you store smart now, you’ll be thanking yourself when next summer rolls around.  Do you have any other easy summer storage suggestions?  Share them below!


Author Bio: This is a guest post by katie F. on behalf of Hefty®.  For trash bags, storage bags and more simple organization ideas, visit!

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  1. hahhaa… my Hubs and I each have 3 different closets. I have one for my Summer and light fall and one for my winter clothing, then I have one just for my coats and jackets. Thats what happens when the kids move out and you have closet space. The hooks for storing chairs is a great idea… the problem is, my Hubs has all the wall space used… I might have to reorganize.

  2. Our weather stays warm for so long that most of my clothes stay out all year. My winter coat is in the coat closet. Other items are in bins, suitcases and in the storage bldg. But most things we use year round. Why, because it is only “out of season” for about 3 months.

  3. I have to admit I just keep all my clothes out all year round though things get pushed to the bottom of the draw when it’s not being used to often. Great ideas though (if only I had the room) 🙂 x

  4. I keep my clothes out year round as well Sarah! we just don’t have storage space!

  5. I love the hook idea for the garage. I love using the plastic bins to put our summer clothes in to clear out the closets!

  6. You’ve mentioned some of the best and important tips regarding summer storage. I don’t have any suggestions about this matter but i will definitely try to be smart, by following these tips. thanks

  7. I always do the donating thing at the end of summer to and inevitably find clothes I ‘could not bear to part with’ last summer that I still haven’t worn. I donate those and whatever has been outgrown. 🙂

  8. Hanging the lawn chairs is a great idea!

  9. These are some good tips but I just tend to keep all my clothes in the same place but my winter ones come to the front. Maybe if I had storage room I would think about doing this.

  10. I don’t usually do anything different with my clothes. I live in Colorado and the weather is always crazy so I am prepared for anything. I love your helpful tips for story beach toys and things.

  11. Rule #2 is enforced in our home. I would not have closet space with out it. I like your list and ideas. I will share this with my daughter.

  12. We keep 2 large bins in our garage. In the summer they hold our winter coats, boots, gloves, and scarves. In the summer they hold our pool toys, goggles, sidewalk chalk, etc.

  13. I used to box up my summer clothes in fall, and so on. Boy, life has got so busy that I have not done that in forever, all my clothes are just a big jumble now!

  14. That is a great tip for storing chairs. It would save me a lot of room in the garage. I don’t have any spare room in my shed.

  15. Great tips! I am big on tip #1 here. Last year I invested in a ton of those plastic under bed storage bins and they have been a real space saver!

  16. It always takes me forever to switch the wardrobes around when the seasons change. Hopefully, these great tips will help me to stay organized and make a smoother transition.

  17. That’s a fantastic post I have ever seen!!! You have given your readers great tips on simple storage ideas. In my home I have some storage boxes which I use for storing my clothes and I have also put label on them because for me it becomes easy to find a particular box.

  18. I used some of the ideas. Great post and very helpful as summer is really coming to an end.

  19. I love storage totes.i also like the vacuum bags

  20. Great tips. I will definitely need to put these in use, especially when the cond weather officially comes

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