Tips on How To Throw An Ice Cream Party

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I am a huge fan of ice cream! I love how you can top it with sprinkles, caramel syrup, cookie crumbs and more and create a treat your taste buds will thank you for! With summer here, I thought it would be a great time to share tips on how to throw an ice cream party everyone will love! I will share tips on how to throw an organized and low stress ice cream party!

Just make sure ahead of time you have your decorations and everything set up, so when your guest arrive you can enjoy the party as well! Prep work ahead of time is the most useful tip! Make sure to have fun, and just enjoy your time with your friends, and you will have a wonderful party, and all your friends and family will be thanking you for the sweet treats!

how to throw an ice cream party

Tips for Throwing A Perfect Ice Cream Party 

Basic Ice Cream Flavors

Make sure you give a variety of basic flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, sorbets for a lighter option! . Give your guest the option to pick the base for their ice cream treat. Having basic ice cream works best for sundaes. Or of they want to toss it in a waffle cone, that works great as well. If you have to many ice cream flavors it can become a lot to handle. I recommend giving 2-3 options max.

Toppings and Cones

When you think of toppings create a great variety! Sprinkles, dried fruit, coconut flakes, pretzels, gummy bears, toffee bits, nuts, chocolate and caramel sauce,  and the list goes on and on. . Give your guest the option to pair more than one item in their dish or cone to create the perfect ice cream treat! I love to place each topping in a designated bowl and label it. Pop a spoon in for easy dishing it out, and you are set! Make sure if you are outside in the sun, that your toppings are in the shade, or that you have it on ice, so that the items like chocolate won’t melt.  I also give the option of ice cream cones, because not everyone will want a sundae.

Pre-Scoop Ice Cream

Consider pre-scooping the ice cream into the bowls, and then toss them in the freezer. Then when the party starts, bring out the ice cream bowls with the ice cream already in it! This will save time, and save you from having to scoop a bunch of ice cream bowls right after the other!

Keep Ice Cream Cold

If you don’t want to pre-scoop ice cream, your other option is to keep it chilled so it won’t melt as fast. Simply fill buckets with ice and cold water, and then place your ice cream inside the bucket to keep it chilled!

Consider Having Floats

You can also have floats like rootbeer floats, that is a fun option as well. Buy a few different flavor sodas and have that as an option! Don’t forget the straws!

Drinks On Hand 

If you are anything like me, you will want to have some water or other drinks on hand. Ice cream always makes me extra thirsty, especially with all those tasty toppings I pile on! Have bottled water, or ice water, and have cups handy for your guest to fill up their cups!

kid gamesGames and Activities

If you will have kids, make sure to have fun games for your children to play with! Maybe have water balloons, a little kid size pool, bubbles, or any other fun game or activities children will enjoy! It will help keep them busy and create even more fun!


Buy some fun sprinkle designed table cloths, create labels for each of the toppings, add some ice cream cone hanging decorations! Make it fun and inviting and all things ice cream! I am a huge fan of chalkboard labels because you can reuse them over and over! It makes it easy if you mess up as well, you can wipe it off and re-do it!

Designated Place to Toss Trash

Make sure that you have trash cans handy so that your guest know where to toss stuff. If you have items that need to be washed, consider placing a plastic storage bin by the trash, and label wash me. That way your guest can throw trash out and place items that can be washed in the bin, and you can easily carry inside and clean!

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