Tips to Find the Right Dog for Your Family

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Have you decided that it is time to bring a dog into your family? The fact is, you have to make sure that you are ready for a dog before you even start looking for a four-legged friend to join your family. It is also important that you fully understand how much it costs to own a dog.

Once you are aware of all these factors, the next step is to determine what breed is right for you. There are a number of things you need to consider, with some of the most important being found here.

After all, when you are informed, you can make a decision that will suit your wants and needs, and give your new pup a great life.

The Size

Do you know what size dog you want? For example, do you have your heart and mind set on a small dog that can fit in your lap? Or, do you prefer a larger breed, like the golden doodle (learn more here

It’s important to keep in mind that a smaller breed of dog is going to be more vulnerable and delicate than the larger breeds. If they are mishandled or stepped on, it can result in a serious injury. Additionally, a dog that is smaller is often more sensitive to the cold, too. This means you have to take steps to keep them warm.

Remember, regardless of the dog size you get, they are going to need obedience training. Make sure you are prepared for this – especially if you opt for a puppy.

A bigger dog is going to need much more room to get exercise and move around. They may also cause damage to a house if they aren’t familiar with the surroundings. There are important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to dogs of all sizes.

Activity Levels

There are some dogs that are naturally more energetic than others. The activity level of a dog is usually determined by the breed; however, it doesn’t mean you can make a judgment based on this factor alone.

Each dog needs a certain level of exercise – no matter their size or breed. Be sure that you have the ability to meet their needs. If you know, for sure, that you are unable to commit to the amount of activity a certain dog needs, then this is not the right one for you, or for your family.

Make sure that you adjust the attention and exercise that you give your dog as needed. If you have a dog that is “misbehaving,” then they may need a bit more attention and exercise than normal.

Grooming and Care

The appearance of your pup is important. Every dog, regardless of type or breed, requires basic grooming services. However, there are some types that will need more stringent care routines due to the type of hair that they have.

If you opt for a dog that has hair that continues to grow, then you have to continue grooming them or hiring someone to take care of this for you. The majority of smooth-coated, short-haired dogs are also going to shed pretty badly. Make sure you can handle the extra clean-up that is needed.

Finding the Right Dog: Consider it Carefully

If you really want to be a dog owner, then you need to consider the breed carefully – make sure you think of your family, too. Finding a dog that matches your lifestyle is going to provide you with companionship and all the fun things you read about dog owners enjoying.

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