Tips to Prepare for College

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When your child is heading off to college there are so many things to think about and stuff to get. That first year as a college student is the first time your child will venture off into the real world as an adult, without you there to guide them in their daily life. This may be a difficult time, but remember it’s difficult for you and your child.

Today I’m sharing a few tips to prepare for college so that you can make sure you’ve done your part to get your child out the door and headed towards a successful first year in college.

Tips to Prepare for College

Schedule a Campus Tour

Make sure your child schedules a campus tour so that they can become familiar with everything before their first week at school. Scheduling a college campus tour will give your child a little heads up on where their classes are, and other areas of the college to alleviate first-day anxiety.

Start Networking

Consider having your child join LinkedIn and Facebook to find other people who will be attending their college. This will give your child some time to form connections before they head out to college. LinkedIn is also a great place for your child to start working on finding internships near their college so that they’re all prepared for their college life.

Create a Budget

You may want to help your child create a college budget so that they don’t call you needing more funds or go broke their first week at college. Sit down and discuss income and expenses with your child as well as other funds they may have coming into their account so they’re able to delegate their finances properly during their first year away from home. provides essays at reasonable prices.

Think About Storage

Lastly, it’s important that you send your child off to college with everything they’ll need and a place to store everything. BunkTrunk is the solution for storage in a small dorm room. This trunk attaches easily to the head or footboard area of your college student’s bed. This will give your child a secure place to store their valuables and have a little space for their notebooks and other daily needs in a small dorm room space.

About BunkTrunk

BunkTrunk was created by parents who had a daughter heading off to college and needed a way to lock up her valuable items. They also knew that floor space couldn’t be taken up in those tiny dorm rooms, so they invented BunkTrunk as a secure and simple way to provide their daughter with the storage space she needed during her college years.

BunkTrunk attaches to the headboard or footboard of your college student’s bed. You can charge your devices while you have this locked up, and it works well as a nightstand for an alarm clock or other items your college student may want to place on top of their BunkTrunk. This storage space will provide your college student with a sense of security that their belongings are safe and secure while they’re living in the dorms at their new college.

You can buy BunkTrunk on their website in three different sized options; The Bachelors, The Masters, and The PhD.

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