Toolbox Essentials for Handy Moms

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Are you looking to be handier around the house? Who says that all the improvements around the house have to be left to a man? Or are you looking to find the perfect toolbox essential for a handy mom? There are plenty of toolbox essentials for the handy mom to get her going around the house. From simple tools like a screwdriver and hammer to more elaborate tools like a table saw or a level, there are plenty of tools for you. There is nothing worse than getting excited to start a new home project only to find out that you are missing out on the tools necessary for the job. Don’t put yourself in one of these terrible situations. Here are some toolbox essentials for a handy mom to help her out around the house.

A Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are one of the most basic tools that one can have, but also one of the most important. Take a look around the house and compare how many items have screws, versus ones that do not. It is probably a safe bet to say that the large majority of the products in your house involve screws. Was there anything else you noticed when looking at the screws around the house? Not all screws are created equally, therefore you will need different screwdrivers for different jobs. From flathead screws to square screws, to star screws, there are a variety of different screws and therefore there will be a variety of different screwdrivers. Not only that, but these types of screws will come in different sizes, therefore making you have to pull out the correct size screwdriver. It is an unfortunate annoyance, but it is something you must be prepared for. Getting yourself a screwdriver set is a toolbox essential for any handy mom.

A Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is the standard hammer that everyone thinks about when you say the name. Quickly and easily hammer nails into walls to allow you to hang photos. If you are working with wood, you can assemble all types of projects with a good hammer. Make sure the head of the hammer is properly secured and always wear your safety glasses and get hammering those nails in. Just be careful not to miss and hit your fingers. Can you consider yourself a handy mom without a standard claw hammer?

Stud Finder

Are you looking to hang up new pictures you bought or photos of your family? If your house frame is wood, there will be walls with studs in them. What does this mean for your photos? You will not be able to hang any picture or photo near a stud, and if you do, you can jeopardize the structural integrity of the wall. This is where a stud finder comes in handy. Placing it against the wall and using it will alert you with a beep if there is a stud. Mark on the walls where the studs are lightly in pencil, and once you have done this, pick a spot to hang your items. Don’t get stuck guessing where you can place things, any handy mom needs a stud finder to hang up all their beautiful photos.

A Table Saw

It’s time to get serious with the equipment, and therefore, it’s time to look into tools to help you create your own projects. If you work with wood regularly, a table saw is essential for you. While a table saw, unfortunately, will not fit into your toolbox, it will look great in your basement and place you a cut above any other handy mom. If you are a DIY kind of mom and love making things from scratch, then a table saw will definitely be a tool you’ll need. Now, finding the right one is the next step. Maybe the reviews from can help you decide which one to get since they have an extensive review of some of the best ones in the market. With this, you can construct tables, chairs, bed frames, and many other items to make your house that much better. You’ll be the handiest mom on the block with a nice table saw in your basement.

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with all of these tools. Any handy mom can benefit greatly from having a good screwdriver set, a hammer, a stud finder, and finally, a table saw. These tools will allow you to deal with any project head-on and complete them with a high degree of efficiency. Do you really want to start a project and find out you’ve missed out on a tool you need? Or do you really want to spend many more hours working on something that could have been done in half the time? Get yourself these tools to establish yourself as a handy mom. What is in your toolbox?

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