Top 10 Digital Painting Softwares

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Picking the best digital paint application can be a challenging task. There are innumerable applications available and choosing a relevant one can make you scratch your head pretty hard.

You most probably will be able to pick the best after you’re through this page. Here we’ve picked the best and user-friendly top 10 digital painting software that are highly rated by professionals.

Digital Painting Software

The choice of the best can be subjective. It has a direct relation to the nature of your art. You might want to own software that is tool-focused or you might prefer one which offers more diversity.

Another factor to judge the preference might be the cost of the software. There are paid as well as free software and even partially free. This might affect your choice considerably. Also, the type of device you use makes a difference in your choice as there is a variety available for different OS such as MAC, Windows, Linux.

There is software for every need, you just need to pick a relevant one. To make it possible we’re here to make you select the best option for your digital art.

List Of Top 10 Digital Painting Software

Adobe Photoshop

The most prominent and widely used digital art software available in both Mac and Windows operating systems. Although it is a paid software, you’d not mind spending few bucks on an application that provides you with almost everything under one roof.

The reason that it is the most suggested one is its ability to provide you with a plethora of features. Particularly used by gamers, YouTubers, production studios, or anyone whos’s into editing images/videos. However, if you’re a beginner you might get bewildered with the tools it provides. Once you’re done with the basics you’re ready to go.

Corel Painter

If you’re a painter, then this platform is designed for you. Corel Painter is software primarily focussed on painting. Turning your imagination into reality is now possible with the variety of brushes this application provides. Compared with Adobe photoshop might make it look like a pawn but it is the best when it comes to painting digitally. It’s an expensive application, but you can take a 30-day trial. While comparing clip studio paint vs corel painter we have found that corel painter has more brush options.


The highly recommended digital artwork platform if you’re low on money. Krita is free to use applications for all three major operating systems Mac, Windows, and Linux. Krita provides diversity in almost all kinds of digital artworks, but the reason for its popularity is the free price tag that it carries.

Clip Studio Paint (CSP)

Clip studio paint is a famed digital art platform that provides the user the solutions related to digital artworks. It is available in Mac, Windows, IOS, Android. Generally used for animations, clip studio paint provides tools in excess to bring the best out of your imagination.

The set of tools, brushes, pallets are exceptional. Apart from its tools, another best thing about clip studio paint is its AI functioning. You might get overwhelmed by its features in the first instance but after you’re through the basics, you’re ready to rock. Clip studio paint is available in different versions PRO and EX.

In clip studio paint ex vs pro comparison we have found that-The PRO version is available at a mere price of 50$ whereas the EX version is a bit expensive and carries a price tag of 219$. You to get this software at an affordable prices you can apply clip studio paint coupon code while purchasing.

Paint Tool  SAI

Beginners to the digital artwork is not a good combination as you’re into a whole new world of different options surrounding you. Without any knowledge, you’re just perplexed by the complex interfaces all around, which will eventually motivate you to hit the red button on the top right.

This is not the case in Paint Tool SAI. Paint Tool SAI is the most easy-to-use software without any complex interface or brush options. Paint Tool SAI is available only for Windows but is a great platform to start with. It comes with a price tag of $50 but you’re always welcome for a trial version. However, it lacks functionality compared to the other platforms.

Art Rage

Art Rage is a platform designed keeping in mind, traditional artists. Switching to a new platform is always challenging, so the interface is free from any bloatware making it simpler to use If you’re new to digital art, then you must consider Art Rage as it avoids complexity in its interface.  Art Rage is available on Windows as well as Mac and is available for just $79.

MediBang Paint

Another free-to-use software that made its name among the best and widely used software. MediBang Paint is an elementary drawing tool and serves the purpose of drawing animations and is an alternative to Clip Studio Paint. It has decent variations for drawing and the best thing it has is the free price tag, however, it contains ads that might be annoying sometimes.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Another best option when it comes to beginners is the Autodesk Sketchbookwhich is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. As majorly the platforms focus on making themselves best for the professionals by adding more and more features to it, Autodesk sketchbook is a software with a straightforward interface for drawing and painting, even used by architects and professional designers. Its simple functioning makes it feasible to use.

Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio is affordable and modernized software for painting which is available on Windows, Mac, and Ipad. The variations in brushes and customizable features are what make it worthy to be on the list. Apart from sharing the files between devices on Ipad, all features are the same as the desktop version. However, it is not free and charges $19 for a desktop version and $13 for an Ipad version.


GIMP is a free platform and a substitute for Photoshop. GIMP is an option for those who’re into the field of digital artwork but cannot afford the paid software. It performs various functions such as designing and editing and other regular features. Affordability is one thing but when it comes to the user interface, it definitely requires some changes. Beginners would definitely feel demotivated once they operate it for the first time.

Conclusion: 10 Best Digital Painting Software

The above-mentioned Digital art software is the best in their fields. It depends upon different factors such as affordability, feasibility, and flexibility that the software provides which makes the choice of the user subjective.

However, below are the top three choices to consider for the above software.

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