Top 10 Remote Work From Home Jobs

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Nowadays, working no longer implies the need to be fiscally present in the office every day from nine to five. More and more people and companies preserve working from home as a great option, convenient for all parties. The Internet professions are developing very rapidly, which is facilitated by modern technology. If you can work from home, why not? This is not only convenient because working from home implies a flexible schedule, but it is also safe, especially during a global crisis like the one we face today. Plus, it’s also beneficial financially since you get to save money on gas, as well as time on getting to and from work.

Currently, options for remote work are endless. If you would like to try it, but do not yet know what professions allow working from home, we recommend reading today’s article. Tip: if you’re looking for workers, try out Vanhack. Here we have compiled the in-demand remote professions – top 10 options you can consider for yourself. Let’s go!

10 Professions That Allow Working Online

1. Customer support agent.

A customer service specialist or customer care agent is another popular option for working remotely and making good money at the same time. Their job is to answer customer queries, handle complaints and orders. People who want to work in this field can look for jobs in companies that operate in different fields, such as sales, IT, etc. 

2. Tutor.

Online tutoring has been popular for years, but nowadays people use it more and more. Online tutoring is a convenient and inexpensive way to learn new skills, languages, or any other discipline. If you know foreign languages well or specialize in any field, most likely, you can easily find a student.

3. Content Manager.

The content manager is responsible for filling the company’s website with thematic content (articles, news, pictures, descriptions, etc), may create and edit product listings, monitor the website’s performance. The content manager is also the main moderator of comments.

4. Accountant/Bookkeeper.

An accountant who can work with quality software can work completely remotely, even for several companies at once. It’s a great way to maximize your income as an accountant.

5. Copywriter/Editor. 

Such professions deal with creating unique texts, slogans, product descriptions, articles for blogs, etc. SEO copywriters are in the business of creating content that will be optimized for proper indexing by search engines. This job is great because it doesn’t require extensive prior experience and is in-demand for many companies.

High-paid Jobs You Can Do Remotely

6. Translator.

There are many ways to make money as a translator online. Knowledge of one or more languages provides a great opportunity for remote work. A translator can work with literary or technical texts, websites, books, articles, software, movies, videos, etc. A translator may complete specific tasks and projects for one or more companies, or work in affiliation with a translation agency. There are many online translation agencies online. You can check this review of TheWordPoint to get more insight into the activities of a translation company if you are interested in such work.

7. Graphic designer.

Customer design is a highly profitable profession. Modern designers rarely experience a lack of work – they create visual components of brands, websites, mobile applications, digital products, but may also develop interiors, landscapes. Any company needs a graphic designer’s services, as website, product, or packaging design influences marketing and sales metrics through visual tools: colors, shapes, fonts, animations, etc. Design can affect visitor to buyer conversion as well as brand recognition and product memorability.

8. Web/ Software Developer/Programmer.

There is a wide range of such specialists. They may deal with developing software, applications, implementing specific features into the company’s website, fulfilling other technical tasks, providing technical support for the created programs, etc. 

9. SMM Manager.

Social media marketing specialist takes over the maintenance of company’s social networks, draws up a content plan, deals with company’s promotion on social media platforms.

10. SEO/Content Marketer.

SEO specialists deal with search engine optimization and promotion of a company’s website on the internet to ensure its high ranking in search engines.

We hope that this article provided some insight into the possibilities of remote work so that you could take advantage of the benefits it offers and test it out for yourself! Tip: Use these time tracking tools to increase your productivity and monitor your activity as you continue your WFH journey. 

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