Top 3 Clear Cases From BingCases

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BingCases have released a series of clear iPhone cases collections. Now, these clear cases are nothing like the clear case that you might have seen. Apart from being extremely well designed, these cases are protective too. The clear cases are built using TPU material that provides flexibility as well as ultimate protection. Full bumper and raised edges protect your precious iPhone from drop and impact. All designs on our cases are printed using IMD printers that permanently embed the design within the surface of the molded part of the case. As a result, all our cases feel smooth to touch and is durable and scratch resistant


The pretty perfect chrome floral iPhone case and have gorgeous floral pattern that makes it stand out and desirable and is perfect to kick start your shopping for summer fashion accessory collection. Its light weight and sleek feature enable you to carry the phone in your pyjama pocket while you are scurrying through your house completing your chores or putting the phone in your pocket and going outside for a walk. In case you drop your phone face first then it will not land on the screen but the edges. As you do not know how your phone will fall this makes a great feature you should not miss out on protecting your phone with.


If you are someone who believes in horoscopes and thinks that life is actually influenced by the planetary motion, then you have to go nowhere else. This would completely suite your personality and style. It also becomes a great option if you are a dreamer who likes to gaze at the stars and take inspiration from the infinity and abundance our space has to offer. We like to carry our cell phones everywhere and every time so it is important how it makes us feel as we spend quite a lot amount of time with it. Get ready to answer questions about where did you get this from? (as it is the epitome of mobile accessory fashion).


Get ready to be the trendsetter for tropical nature fashion. This case is for those who like greenery, wilderness, plants, etc. without giving up on the protective capacity of the case. This design has palm leaves embedded all over a clear case making it look subtle and soothing. It is inspired by a beautiful oasis in a desert. It also shows off a couple of sleek palm stems. It is also easy to put on and remove from the phone. It is lightweight so the phone fitted with this can be easily carried in your pocket making it your go-to case if you like it to be slim.

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