Top 3 Vacancies For Summer Jobs Abroad

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Do you dream of traveling all over Europe, earning money from seasonal work? Give us 5 minutes of your time.

Summer is coming… This means that every student (and not only) faces a dilemma about how to spend the holidays. Are we right? So, now you are reading the most useful article in recent times. If you are looking for something similar to the Work & Travel program, you want to travel, work, relax and SPEND the BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE. Spoiler: Most jobs abroad are available with accommodation. 

Let’s start with some seasonal vacancies for working abroad in 2022.

1. Working for hiring sunbeds & umbrellas

Our employers are looking for a person who is ready to clean the beach early morning and late afternoon. What’s else? You’ll have to put the sunbeds and umbrellas in the appropriate place in the morning and after 18:30. It’s the great opportunity to work under the sun of Greece on the Beach boy Paleokastritsa. So if you are fit, hardworking and healthy, take it into consideration. No experience, basic English and 400 — 600 € per month. 

2. Waitress / Waiter 

Do you want to get an opportunity to live in Greece and earn money working in a restaurant for 4 to 5 hours in the evening? Highly recommend considering the vacancy. Available with no experience. If you are afraid of your English speaking capacity, it’ll be enough to have a basic level. Payment per month from 500 to 700 $. Looking interesting to check right now at Lavoria, isn’t it?

3. Sun and fun tourism 

Employers will provide good accomodation, food, drinks and reasonable salary (600 — 800 € per month with extra bonus part). All you need is to work with kids in the mini club or fitness activities (pilates, yoga, gyms). But Upper-Intermediate English capacity is required.

Here were just 3 available jobs ads for English speakers in Greece. We have more — part-time or full, with experience or not, etc. Summer 2022 will be the best, just find your own job proposal abroad. Learn more at Lavoria. See ya!

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