Top 5 3D Printing Projects for Kids

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Top 5 3D Printing Projects for Kids

With the advent of 3D printing, we now can print 3D houses, food, office buildings, prosthetics and even cars. With improvements in the technology, we might see this amazing method as the primary means of production. 3D printing is also becoming popular amongst kids. They can enjoy crafting a 3D model and then print it using a 3D printer. Find out how a 3D printer works! If you’re a busy parent wondering how to keep your kid engaged in productive play, I have 5 exciting 3D printing crafts for some inspiration.

Create Eye-Catching 2D Drawings

Have your kid make an amazing 2D drawing using a modeling application on the computer like a landscape, a road trip moment or a picture of their favorite pet. Work with your kid to offer ideas to make the 2D drawing more illustrious and vibrant. Ask them to unravel their imaginative flair and creative potential to draw something they would like to keep as a prized collection. Once your kid’s done creating the 2D model, have the drawing printed in the physical form using a nice 3D printer or a printing solution from Konica Minolta.

Edible Dinosaur Tracks

How exciting does an edible dinosaur track sound? If your kid is fussy about a vegetable salad or an oatmeal breakfast how about going creative with some 3D printed dinosaur mold. With this, you don’t need to worry about choosing the right paper for printing. Just 3D print a mold for dino footprints and fill it up with delicious cold tuna fish salad. The kid will definitely love the edible and very luscious dino tracks.

Faire Play Barbie

This is an awesome 3D printing craft for kids who love to play with dolls and barbies. It lets your them enjoy some immersive playtime while using their vivid imagination and unleashing their creative potential. Dress up your doll or Barbie by designing a nice ancient armor for her using inspiration from cool armor sets online. 3D print the designed armor and put it on your doll who is now ready to battle it out with the rest of the knights. How exciting! It is apt for ages 6+ and the design sets can be purchased online for only $ 29.99.

Printable Eggbot

What if you had a robot that could draw shapes and paint pictures on eggs, golf balls, pumpkins, and lightbulbs? Sounds impossible but with 3D printing, it’s no more a fantasy. The compact robot design can be taken from Thingiverse and you can print it in physical form to let it draw on spherical things that you can store as decorative pieces of artwork for Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving.

Build A Finger Digger

A finger digger uses the fingers as controls to explore an entire sandbox setting filled with different objects like fossils, skittles, plant remains, and other mysterious items. A desktop version of a sandbox for playing, kids can print a bigger version of this to take to the sandpit outdoors and then have fun digging in fingers for some cool exploration.

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