Top 5 Must-See Attractions in Toronto

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Many people mistake Toronto for the capital of Canada. Toronto is the biggest and most developed city in Canada, but it is not the country’s capital. The truth is that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, whereas Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province.

Now when we have gotten that, let’s learn a thing or two about all the great places to visit in Toronto. 


The 553-meter tall CN tower is impossible to miss. Anyone can spot this Canadian icon from pretty much every place in the city of Toronto. About a decade ago, it was the tallest building in the world. But nowadays, there are quite taller buildings. While you are at it, checking out its glass floor is a must. 

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Art Gallery of The Ontario

This renowned art gallery is one of the biggest ones in North America. The Art Gallery of the Ontario features over 95,000 art pieces designed by artists from every corner in the world. This art gallery contains everything from contemporary art to European masterpieces, and pretty much anything in between. There is also a massive art collection coming from Canadian artists. 

Rogers Center

Rogers Center is nearby the CN Tower, and it is the home of Toronto‚Äôs Blue Jays. This massive arena was first opened in 1989 and can receive tens of thousands of visitors. The Mariott City Centre Hotel is attached to the Rogers Center and has rooms directly observing the court. That can be quite the experience, especially if you are a sports fan. 

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

ROM is considered as one of the finest museums in Canada. Its massive collection features historical, cultural, and art pieces from all periods worldwide. International exhibitions are regular. 

In 2007, they added a modern wing designed by Michael Lee-Chin Crystal to the Royal Ontario Museum. At that time, it was quite controversial because of its glass and its sharp angles that were next to a traditional building.

Nowadays, it is one of the most recognizable buildings in Toronto. 

Distillery District

The Distillery District is a historic place turned into a shopping and entertainment area. The entire neighborhood is packed with fancy boutiques, charming coffee shops, galleries, and almost all of the old buildings are filled with restaurants. It is a fun place to visit both during the day or the evening, all year long. 

There is a variety of events held here. However, the most famous of all is the Toronto Christmas Market, held each year around Christmas. A massive Christmas tree is placed in the open square, and a wide outdoor area is set up for the visitors. Many restaurants even offer outdoor dining, even though it is wintertime. But they do provide heat lamps and lap blankets to all customers. And of course, there is always hot chocolate readily available during that period of the year.

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