Top 6 Tips For Bathing Your Baby In Best Way

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Getting blessed with a newborn baby is no less than the heaven falling under your feet. Your little baby is surely a bundle of joy for you and your family. But the tricky thing about babies is that they never come with a care instructions manual. Especially, when it comes to bath your little loved one, after a profound realization of being parent, you got no clue how to do it. From choosing the best baby bath products and baby bath accessories to take care of every little detail, you need to learn all.

Here are a few simple tips to make the bathing time a breeze for your little baby and yourself as well.

  1.    Start with a Sponge Bath

For a very little or newborn baby, it is best to give him a sponge bath. This will give your delicate baby a secure lying comfortable experience on a soft padded surface. Spong bath is preferred to keep the umbilical cord stump stick stay dry and clean. You can also skip the use of soap as little infants do not get really dirty. Only the lukewarm water can also do the task in a right way.

  1.    Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything when bathing your little life of endless happiness. Pick a sweet spot time of the day for bathing when your baby is in most-relaxed state. Some parents think that right before the bed works best form them and their babies. This is because, bathing before going to sleep really help to enrich the quality of sleep.

  1.    Go Tear-Free

Typically, little babies do not need much amount of soap and shampoo for bathing.  If you want to use them, use only a very little drop of shampoo and liquid soap. While shopping, do make sure to choose the shampoo and soap that are tear-free and as gentle as possible. A baby wash enriched with natural ingredients such as lavender works best to give soothing and drowsy effect on baby. Another important thing to follow is to apply the shampoo at the end as wet hair can make him feel colder.

  1.    Dry Carefully

Skin of little babies is very delicate so it is highly important to do not dry their skin in a harsh way. Choose a very soft towel and dry your baby with great care and delicacy. Make sure you properly clean those sleek folds of skin layers to prevent any kind of irritation or rashes. Then, you can use a good –quality bathrobe to cover your baby. To avoid any kind of trouble, it is best to get the help of a helper or an elder in your home.

  1.    Temperature Check

A teeny-tiny baby can complete his bath with less water by just lying down in a tiny tub. But the most important thing that you need to take care is setting the optimal water temperature. Babies got very sensitive skin as compared to adults, so it important to check the warmness of water accurately. Water that is lukewarm to you, might feel very hot on babies skin.  So, it is good to use a baby-bath thermometer.

  1.    Go Tropical

Your baby should not both feel too hot or too cold before taking bath and after taking bath as well. The right way to keep a baby stay at cozy temperature is to crank up your thermostat. A clever gadget thermostat can help to maintain the optimal body temperature. This will surely help to keep the tears of your baby at bay.

Final Thought!

So leave your worries somewhere else far away from the reach of your mind by using these tips, best baby bath products and accessories. And the bathing experience of your tiny teeny baby will surely become a blissful experience.

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