Top 7 Benefits of Family Counselling and how it Works?

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Family Counselling

What is the need of Family Counselling

Individual counselling won’t make much difference until and unless a person is living in a happy, peaceful environment. This is where family counselling comes into play.

Benefits of Family Counselling

No More Sweeping Problems Under the Rug

Most families have the tendency of either walking away from arguments or not talking about what’s bothering them at all. Neither of them is the right way to go for during heated situations. More talking and listening than talking back and shutting up the other person is needed. This is what family counselling services provide.

Accepting and Understanding Different Viewpoints

Family counselling helps members put themselves in other members’ shoes. Looking at a situation from another person’s standpoint can solve most of the issues. These are usually overlooked when one gets caught up in the heat of the moment.

Reaching a Middle Ground

A counsellor acts as a mediator among members of a family. They make sure the problem doesn’t go any more out of the hand than it already had or has. Instead, they offer expert advice without seeming to take anyone’s side in particular, unlike strangers or relatives. A counsellor offers a third person point of view which helps to put things into perspective.

Expert Opinion

People won’t doubt a counsellor’s opinion because they know they can trust a counsellor. They’re professionals who genuinely care about building harmony in your family. It is after lots and lots of practice, studying and experience that they’ve been assigned the role of counselling a family. One can count on them for the best advice since family counsellors have an expertise over the field. This way one can be free of unwanted solutions offered by others.

Every Member is Heard and Considered

There can be times when one member might feel left out of a conversation or discussion in general resulting in drifting apart. During family counselling, each and every member gets to put their views without any hesitance or fear of being judged. This consideration develops better bonding in a family.

Figuring Out the Real Problem

Digressing from the main issue is often the case in family discussions. It is important to be clear about why the discussion began in the first place. Counselling maintains the focus of families during conversations that are otherwise shocking and eye-opening.

Respecting Choices and Decisions

Families can seem burdensome and overbearing if a person loses their individuality. Family counselling is an opportunity for families to not only hear out one another’s sides but also learn to respect it. No two members in a family will see eye to eye in extreme or not-so-extreme circumstances. But they can come to an understanding which is exactly what family counselling services exist for.

How does Family Counselling Work?

  • Different techniques are used by different counsellors. Since family counselling comes under group counselling, generally an entire family sits around in a circle.
  • A hypothetical or real scenario (twisting facts to make it imaginary) is introduced by the counsellor and all the members are asked to put forward their points. This is how every member gets a chance to speak up while others listen intently.
  • Another way can be dividing the members further into groups depending on the strength and performing some activity to build teamwork, usually done when children are involved.
  • A counsellor can even choose to listen to each member individually before conducting a group counselling session.
  • Hand holding is a good way of strengthen the bond among family members.

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