Top 7 Reasons Why Your Child Needs to Play Sports

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It’s common knowledge that physical exercise and sports help kids learn social interactions and boost their physical health. Playing sports gives kids an avenue to gain physical fitness. Athletically inclined kids enjoy better social and psychological wellness.

Parents often hesitate to play with their kids or allow them to play with others which is a mistake as it locks the kids out of endless possibilities to grow mentally and emotionally. As much as they can get physical injuries, that alone is not reason enough to keep them from playing with others. Sports equip the kids with essential skills that they need in their formative years. Allow your kids to join athletic activities to build their self-esteem, improve their social skills and confidence. Also, to encourage them to grow up as competent individuals. Participation is a good way to instill the value of setting goals. With these tips, you should be able to let your child engage in sports.

  1. Develop Dedication and Patience

No one is ever born perfect in anything, it takes commitment and consistent practice. Sports teach your kids that if they want to excel in anything, they need lots of practice. Practicing enables the kids to understand the impact effort and commitment can bring in this case good results. Also, sports teach kids the virtue of dedication and patience to achieve set goals. 

Discipline in training and the commitment to excellence applies to all aspects of life which is why people who participate in sports perform well academically. Athletes often use the same dedication and principles of hard work they learn in sports to improve in their academics. 

  1. Builds Teamwork

Teamwork is the ability to work and engage others which makes it an important skill everyone should learn at an early age. Being part of a team needs cooperation among players as they strive to achieve a common goal. The ability to cooperate with other kids is important in a team and crucial to winning. 

Group dynamics exposure helps the kids develop teamwork skills early which gets incorporated into their lives. This is vital if they have to do group projects in school or later in future jobs. Good teamwork enhances productivity and creates a more harmonious relationship among the involved group members. 

  1. Learns Vital Leadership Skills 

Apart from teamwork, you need to develop leadership in the kids as early as possible. Playing sports enables you to do this as sports teach the kids some sort of responsibility when assigned vital roles in the game like defense, goalkeeping, pitcher, etc. Apart from this, the kids develop stronger relationships with each game. Leadership doesn’t always mean being in charge. Sometimes it’s all about being accountable for your responsibilities and actions as expected in the role you play as an example of good sportsmanship. 

  1. Regular Physical Activity

Playing sports regularly develops their locomotor skills as they are exposed to more games that improve their fundamental movements like body coordination, speed, muscle strength, balance, and agility. For instance, one of the most common activities to improve basketball skills is vertical jump training. If the kids are able to practice this, motivating them to do more physical activities wouldn’t be hard as it would be fun for them at the same time. Aside from this, Matthew from states that from strength training to increasing your kids’ explosive ability, learning vertical jumps will go a long way to improve your kid’s strength. Don’t let your kids get glued to their TV or tablets all day playing video games! Encourage them to take part in sports and help them develop an interest as it enables them to exercise and stay healthy and in good shape.

  1. Sports Teach Respect

Every sport has rules. Kids learn the value of respect even as they respect the coach. The coach teaches kids how to treat their leaders, instructors, trainers, and game instructions. Kids learn to honor the rules and follow guidelines at an early age. They also know the consequences for disobeying the rules and learn to respect referees or game officials. Through sports, the kids learn how to treat other players and to respect their opponents. In most cases, competition brings out the best in everyone and kids learn to respect that in any game there will always be losers and winners. 

  1. Enhances Mental Health and Overall Well-being

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem, simple gestures can make a big impact. Thumbs up, a pat on the back, and applause boosts the morale of the player. Engaging in competitive sporting activity enables the kids to get compliments and praise or encouragement from other people, including their coaches which boosts their morale and is good for their mental health. 

When they play well and get applauded for it by friends, family, teachers, and spectators it boosts their self-confidence. Also, constructive criticism during training sessions helps them grow and strengthens their abilities. Criticisms help them understand the weaknesses they have to work on and their strengths. As your kid grows, they are more open to receiving feedback. 

  1. Reduces Child Obesity Risks

Nowadays kids are vulnerable to obesity, which is a scourge. This is attributed to fast foods as opposed to healthy dishes. The digital age is drawing kids to video games rather than sporting activities which shouldn’t be the case. Sports help prevent obesity in kids as their weight is controlled by burning more calories in physical activities. Regular exercise and sports training is good for their health and helps them control their weight. Sports ensures your kids engage in regular physical activities and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Always advise and encourage your kids to participate in sports to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. Your kids get more from sports than just physical fitness. They learn vital social skills and self-control and the ability to accept a loss and celebrate a victory. They learn vital leadership skills. Sample out great sports activities here. 

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