Top 8 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Safe This Summer!

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The summer months are an exciting time for people who love their pets. Many activities take place that makes your dog feel left out. Apparently, they may make your furry friend uneasy or even too hot to handle. However, are you looking for a dog lesson in Utah? We have many ideas and resources for you on how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the summer months. Below is are some tips you should follow this summer if you want your puppy to stay safe and healthy throughout the season:

Keep Your Puppy Hydrated

 Keeping your pet hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for him. Most dogs, especially puppies, are not good at regulating their body temperature. Keeping them adequately hydrated while outside will ensure that they do not get too hot or get heatstroke. In addition, you can keep an eye on your dog and note when he starts panting heavily or is beginning to get sluggish and slow down. 

If you have a water dish for your pet outside, make sure to fill it up throughout the day as the water will quickly evaporate in the summertime.

Walk Your Puppy During Cooler Hours

Taking a walk in the middle of the day may not be much fun for you, but it will allow your pet to cool off and burn some energy at the same time! Taking two walks a day, one in the morning and one at night when it’s cooler, makes your pet happy and keeps him out of the heat.

 Protect Against Fleas and Ticks

Fleas can be a major problem for puppies during the summer months. Many owners will use a flea preventative on their pets because it’s such an inconvenience. However, it’s important to know that topical flea preventatives will eliminate all fleas from your puppy, so you should always consult your veterinarian. Another option is to call your veterinarian and get an appointment for proper treatment for your pet. 

Avoid Crowded Summer Events

Ensure that your puppy doesn’t go to summer festivities, such as block parties, picnics, or family gatherings, where children and food may be present. Puppies enjoy these types of fun activities just like we do, but there is a risk of your pet getting into something that they shouldn’t. Have a friend watch your dog if you want to take part in the fun, but just be sure that your pet is safe. 

Dogs Need Sun Protection

Dogs will often seek out the warmth of a sunny spot outside. However, it’s important to remember that just like people, puppies can also get sunburned and even develop skin cancer from spending too much time outdoors in the sun. Sunscreen for your puppy is available, but it can be hard to apply, so consult with your veterinarian or board-certified veterinary dermatologist about how often you should reapply the sunscreen and what brand you should use for your puppy’s individual needs.

Grooming Helps with Deshedding Over the Summer

Dogs will need to be brushed regularly to minimize the dead coat that builds up over the summer months. If you brush your puppy regularly, you’ll be able to keep them cool, and it will be easier to maintain during the warmer months. In addition, the more you brush or shave your puppy, the cooler they will be throughout the summer.

Know the Signs of Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a dangerous condition that can happen to dogs while running around during the summer months. Signs of heat stroke include a dog panting excessively, abnormal body temperature, and losing coordination or withdrawing from play. If you suspect that your puppy is suffering from heatstroke, get them to a veterinarian right away!

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Cool

A puppy’s paws are the most important part of its body since they’re used for all its movement. Unfortunately, the pads on the bottom of their feet are very sensitive and can overheat very quickly, so make sure to keep them cool by providing an adequate amount of shade and fresh water when outdoors. A red or yellow-tinged paw pad is a good indication that your puppy’s feet are too hot, so don’t let your puppy be outdoors in the sun for too long.

Your puppy must be able to exercise safely during the summer months. If you follow the tips provided in this article, you’ll have a comfort-loving puppy that won’t overheat during the summertime. However, if your puppy does overheat or show signs of heatstroke, be sure to get them to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

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