Top Expert Tips for A Great South America Family Vacation

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South America is a vast continent, with a landscape varying from rugged plateaus, to lush, dense jungles. And, unlike any other continent, the diversity in South America’s climate is huge. From snowy peaks, to sandy dunes, South America has it all. If you are considering taking a family vacation to one of the many South American countries, or rather want to see them all, then look no further than this page. There is so much to see, it can be difficult to know where exactly to look, and this page will tell you everything that you need to know.

Here are some tips from the experts for how you can have a great South American family vacation!

Take a Tour

Some say taking a tour is impersonal, we disagree. Deciding to go on a tour of South America could potentially be one of the most memorable and life changing experiences that you can ever have. The opportunity to meet the locals and immerse yourself in their culture is like no other, and they are profoundly welcoming and hospitable. Allowing your family the opportunity to see the world is your obligation, and you should facilitate it when and where you can.

When travelling with your family in South America, it is very important that you exert as much caution as possible. Instances of violence against foreign tourists in South America are not uncommon, and if you are travelling with a tour, you are much safer than if you were travelling alone. You should always keep your money in a zipped bag fastened to your chest, so as to avoid pickpockets. If you are travelling alone, stick to public routes and main roads, otherwise there is a risk of potential danger. On the whole, however, notwithstanding isolated instances of violence, South America is safe if you are sensible and keep your wits about you.

Work Out Your Budget

Travelling in South America without a tour guide can be surprisingly cheap, and if you rent a car, will be even cheaper than a tour bus, albeit more inconvenient. You can survive on local restaurants and  bistros, which will often be very cheap. Your accommodation will be very cheap also, providing that you do not stay in a five-star hotel. For a more immersive experience for your family, consider staying in cheap hotels in more rural areas, that way you will have a first-hand opportunity to meet the locals.

Decide Whether to Hike or Not

Many people decide to see South America on foot. Providing you stick to main roads and public areas, this is very safe, and can be a lot of fun. Walking across South America is a brilliant way to see the rugged terrain and dense jungles first-hand and will allow you a no-holds barred insight into how the locals live. You should avoid attempting to make your way through the jungle without a guide, as this can be very dangerous, and should you become lost, you may fall victim to the elements.

Take a Cruise

Taking a cruise around South America is a brilliant way to see the landscape and the beaches. There are many places for you to see in South America, and one of those is The Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands, birthplace to Darwinian theory, are an ancient and unique set of islands just off the coast of Ecuador that boast a rich and thriving ecosystem unlike no other in the entire world. The islands are devoid of predatory mammals, and hawks are the dominant species there. You can see some amazing wildlife on a tour around the islands. If you have young children, this could be the mode of travel for you, as other methods may prove unsafe or boring.

Compile a List of Must-See Destinations

South America is vast, and there are no shortage of sights, one may potentially wish to see. In order to see everything, you should make a plan and compile a list of places you wish to go to before travelling. You should see if you can book tickets to these destinations beforehand, to prevent being turned away. Many of South America’s most sought-after destinations are bustling with tourists and at full capacity during the peak months. You should attempt to go during the off-peak months for a more immersive experience. By going during the off-season, you will be afforded more time to idle at these destinations, and will have a more hands-on and personal experience, for you and your entire family.

Now you know some expert tips for travelling across South America with your family. South America is on every bucket list for a reason – because it is beautiful! If you have the opportunity to travel there, then absolutely do it. You will regret it if you don’t!

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