Top 3 Gift Ideas for Toddlers This Year

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Did you know that gift-giving for children isn’t just a physical act but an exercise with important child developmental implications? It not only teaches them powerful lessons about empathy and kindness but also shapes their identity, according to Marilyn Price-Mitchell, a developmental psychologist and researcher. But parents find it hard to identify a suitable gift item for those special occasions. 

This is actually difficult if you are shopping for a birthday gift for a kid you do not know. Whether it’s your kid or another toddler, you don’t know their interests, here are some of the best birthday present ideas your toddlers will enjoy. 

Best Educational Gift: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden ABC/123

Every day, toddlers are learning new habits and developing new skills. These blocks will provide a perfect opportunity for them to develop problem-solving and physical skills. The toddler will enjoy creating different structures with the 50 block set. They can stack, dismantle, sort, and practice the alphabet using this set. Another reason these blocks make the perfect gift choice for a toddler is that it’s wooden and chemical-free. Thus, you won’t worry about toxic emissions and will last for long.

Best Gift For Outdoor Play: Sidewalk Crayola Chalk

Your toddler can have fun outdoors at a pocket-friendly price with this Crayola chalk set. It’s also a gift that’s not just interesting for toddlers as both adults and older children can have fun as they help teach the toddlers how to sketch. In addition, this chalk set also comes in different packs to match buyers with different budgets. 

Best For Active Play: Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

The recipient will enjoy unlimited fun and play with this colorful, affordable, and versatile jumper from Flybar. It’s suited for both indoor and outdoor play, and it’s a safe design that’s easy for children to learn how to use. Since it supports up to 250 pounds, the toddler will hardly outgrow it. The toy is available in different colors with some designs featuring interesting characters such as monkeys. 

A good toddler’s gift should be safe and enhance their ability to learn. You don’t have to feel at a loss when looking for one, as the above list will give you a great head start on what to look for. 

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