Top Mobility Scooter Tips And Rules

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Mobility Scooter

Now that you have a brand new mobility scooter or an electric-powered wheelchair to assist you in giving you back your independence and freedom, it’s time to start to prep yourself to make it safer to ride.

Knowing the rules of riding mobility scooters can help you better prepare yourself. Here share some of the top tips and tricks to follow.

1. Riding On The Pavement (4MPH)

Ensure that you give the right of way to pedestrians. A Pedestrian always has the right of passage. While you can go on the pavement with an 8MPH scooter, you’ll need to limit your speed to a maximum of 4MPH. A lot of scooters will have a slow setting to do this automatically for you.

2. Pay Attention When Dismounting Pavements

One of the important things you need to do when you are looking to dismount the pavement is to be extra careful. It’s always a good idea to use sloped curbs. If you can’t, be extra careful when you are getting off it. If you don’t know how high of a curb your brand-new scooter can climb to, you’ll want to check out the instructions within your scooter’s manual. It will tell you what it can handle.

3. Don’t Overload It

If you are taking your mobility scooter out to shop, you’ll want to avoid overloading it. Also, you want to try to distribute your shopping as evenly as possible so you don’t have an imbalanced mobility scooter. You want to try to keep the weight distribution as even as possible. This can keep it from tipping over. You also don’t want to place any shopping bags or excess weight directly on your steering wheel. This is only going to limit the amount of control you have while riding it.

4. Adjust Your Speed Based On Terrain and Weather

You need to constantly be adjusting your speed and the way you are driving based on both the terrain and the weather conditions. For instance, if you are riding on gravel, you can expect to have less control. Likewise, if it’s raining, you can also anticipate having less control over the scooter.

5. On The Road (8MPH)

You can only take your scooter on the road if it’s been designated as a Class 3 scooter. These are the scooters that can go a maximum of 8MPH. They are also scooters that come with everything they need for road safety. This includes having rear lights, indicators, and a horn. Any Class 3 scooters will need to be taxed before going out on the road. However, when you buy your scooter from us, you can get all of this handled without any issues.

You cannot ride any scooter or electric wheelchair on the road in either cycle or bus lanes.

6. Class 3 Scooters Can Be Used On Dual Carriageways

You can use your scooter on carriageways. However, they will need to have warning lights. You cannot ride other kinds of scooters or electric wheelchairs on any road.

7. Obey All Traffic Rules

As you would with any other permissible vehicle on the road, you need to obey all of the traffic and rules of the road. This means turning your blinker on, stopping at stop signs, and more.

8. Make Yourself Visible

It’s a good idea to make yourself as visible as possible while you are riding on the roads. This is a good way to ensure that you are seen on the roads even in bad weather conditions. It’s a good idea to get light upgrades if you will be riding on the roads frequently.

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