Seven Top-Notch Anime Figurine Brands That Produce High-Quality Products

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When you are searching for products or merchandise online, it is worth knowing the best brands, particularly when shopping for toys or memorabilia and anime figurines. The reason for this being that the best brand will not offer fakes, sub-standard quality, or bootleg anime products. Anime figurine suppliers spend money for some source materials to be utilize in producing these figures. They are awfully expensive, and it will be contingent on the brand of the materials used. In some cases, they emphasize more on the quality rather than scrutinizing the price of source materials. In this article we will be sharing the seven top anime figurine brands that offer the best quality products. 


Kotobukiya initially started producing figurines and toys during 1947 which means they have been trading for more than seventy years. Somewhere throughout the years they began producing anime figurines and these products have become better in quality as the years went by. 

Good Smile Company

The Good smile company has become famous for its mini figurines, Nendoroid collectibles and PVC statues. Whenever a new release comes out for pre-orders, Nendoroid stock or anything else, Good smile is usually the supplier behind it. The often collaborate with other top brands such as Megahouse, Max Factory and Orange rouge.

Max Factory

Third on our list of top anime figurine brands is Max Factory. This supplier emphasizes on action figma’s and figurines such as Fate stay night and Tohsaka. Mas factor also makes high quality PVC statues and anime collectables alongside action figures. The brand was initially established in 1987 and they are one of the original figurine companies that exist today.


This company was established in 1962 and just like Max Factory and Kotubukiya, Megahouse is among the most original anime figurine manufacturers. Megahouse emphasize on making anime figures which is based on Dragon Ball Z, Gintama, Naruto, and numerous other anime shows. They typically specialize in PVC figurines and statues. 

Orange Rouge

Topping fifth on our list of anime figure brands is Orange rouge, an agency that was founded by the collaboration between Max factory and Good Smile company. What makes the orange rouge brand stand out from other brands is that they emphasize on male anime figurines, the exact reason why the company was established, to meet the demand for male anime figures, PVC statues ad Nendoroid’s. 


Aniplex was originally founded by the SPE music publishing group back in 1995. You may have already heard of Aniplex since they are such an enormous brand besides the anime-figure making industry. For instance, they are the company that produced anime’s like Asterisk war, full metal alchemist and many other well-known names. Aniplex mainly focuses on PVC figures and PVC statues, more than anything else. 


Alter is a substantial anime figurine brand that makes PVC statues, nendoroid’s and figurines. Alter also produces figures from anime’s such as Idolmaster, Yuuki Yuna is a hero, and Love live school idol project, along with various other anime shows. 


The world of anime is huge and there is no question about the popularity of the anime figurine market. We hope this post was helpful in helping you buy the best quality anime figurines for your collection from the best brands out there. 

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