Top Reasons to Get P-shot San Diego

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A man’s virility is a source of pride for many men, it makes them feel important, wanted and worthy and if you have to listen to their conversations, it centers on their sexual activity and ability. This is also the reason why it is difficult and devastating for them to experience erectile dysfunction (ED), which occurs more often than they want to admit. Even with their circle of friends, getting ED is a closely guarded secret and most of them would rather fake it or never provide a hint that they are experiencing it. Although the blue pill had been a popular remedy for the condition, it is not acceptable to most men as it is an indication that there is something wrong or lacking with them, unless for older men who are expected to use it. One’s libido and sexual ability are very important to men and any threat to it can be enough to push them to depression or lose interest in themselves and their relationships. Thus, it is important for men to get the most effective and safest treatment for erectile dysfunction that can be done without any fuss, does not involve any prescriptions or going to a hospital. Fortunately, P-shot San Diego providers have these covered, they are men’s wellness clinics that provide the utmost confidentiality and discretion in providing cutting-edge treatments to conditions like erectile dysfunction among others. These providers offer men suffering from ED a new treatment that can help them resolve the dysfunction as well as aid them regain their sexual ability and improving their overall performance. The treatment they offer is newly developed by an expert on men’s health and diseases and has been proven to be very effective and most of all safe. It does not involve any synthetic chemicals or substances that are harmful to the body and it does not even involve taking a pill, although one has to have injections in the penis for it to work. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider getting the P-shots.

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P-shot San Diego is a legitimate medical treatment.

Erectile dysfunction has a quirky status as a condition as it is often considered taboo, or something that you do not talk about. It is cloaked with so many layers of false beliefs and fake information that it is often a target by unscrupulous professionals, clinics, and alternative medicine practitioners as providing a cure for ED that does not even work but only provides relief through the placebo effect. P-shot San Diego providers offer the Priapus Shot which is an injection of platelet-rich plasma into the different areas of the penis. The P-shot’s main component is the PRP or platelet-rich plasma which is derived from the blood of the patient. PRP has been used as a treatment for injured muscles and tendons and have had been successful in aiding the muscles heal faster and regenerate the cells. As such, P-shot is a medical treatment that has been applied to erectile dysfunction, in that when it is injected into the penis, it activates the blood flow and regeneration of the muscles and cells which are crucial for an erection. Of course, there is an array of chemicals, hormones, and brain signals that goes into sexual behavior, but PRP has been found to provide relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help the patient sustain a firmer and stronger erection without the help of a pill. It is all-natural, as the PRP comes from the blood of the patient and it does not have any problematic side effects. Moreover, it is performed by licensed physicians and nurses that have been trained and certified to deliver it.

P-shot San Diego does not require hospitalization or numerous prescriptions.

As a treatment option, P-shots San Diego providers see to it that patients are in and out of the clinic for their procedure in less than an hour. This would mean that they do not have to miss work or find excuses not to get the shots. Most men who suffer from ED abhor the idea of having to go to the hospital and then being talked about by all the other staff and patients. P-shots can safely be delivered as an outpatient service and it is quick and there is no downtime. The patient can have the procedure in less than an hour and then go back to work as if nothing had happened. The effects of P-shots happen during sexual activity and are not instantly like that of the pill, which is why it had to be taken minutes before the sexual encounter. Moreover, there is no maintenance medication after you get the shots, there is also no aftercare or any of those things that can become tiresome and complicated for the patient to comply with. Instead, one gets the shots and resumes life as nothing happened. Aside from that, the patient does not have to disclose anything about the procedure, it is kept in confidence and the privacy of the patient is protected especially that matters like these can be very sensitive and uncomfortable.

P-shot San Diego offers reasonable prices and fees.

Given that P-shot San Diego providers are the first of their kind to offer P-shots as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is expected that it comes with a hefty price tag. However, this is not the case, the P-shots are a bit more expensive than the pills, but it is not something that you have to buy regularly or take each time you want to engage in sexual behavior. It is reasonably priced and they even offer special packages and discounts for those with membership to their clinics. As the only safe and effective means of addressing erectile dysfunction, the price range they offer is worth every dollar. You surely cannot put a price tag on your self-confidence, feelings of self-worth, and sexual satisfaction, thus it will be all worth it if it means ridding yourself of ED. Moreover, the treatment is covered by one’s medical insurance, so it would not cost as much if you have insurance.

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