Top Things Parents Must Consider Before Purchasing A Family Car

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“Parents weigh many important factors when they consider their family car, but it seems that bigger capacity is one of the best indicators for overall satisfaction especially as kids grow up,” said CarGurus editor Malt Smith. The car search company did research whereby 21% of sedan owners reported that their car did not meet their family needs. On the other hand, only 7% of SUV and minivan owners were unhappy with their choice of vehicle. The research also found out that the family activities that influenced parents’ decision of the car include transporting kids, sports equipment, carrying their infant strollers, carrying pets, and going on a family vacation.

Price of the car

For 72% of parents, the price is the prominent factor with ? focusing on fuel prices, as found in a survey by Dacia, a car brand. They also found out that ¾ of parents care less about technological advancements such as keyless entry. When evaluating the price of a potential vehicle, parents also put into consideration other costs such as insurance, fuel consumption, repairs and depreciation, whereby foreign cars tend to hold on to their value better than domestic ones. Also, make sure to take into consideration moving fees. You can check out for great pricing.

Space and safety

When it comes to space, parents consider how many children they have or are planning to have as well as their involvement with relatives. There is a lot of online material about cabin room, boot space and other aspects of space that prospective buyers can use to determine the best car for them. Similarly, every parent wants the best safety for their children. In this regard, you should check if the vehicle meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards regulations(FMVSS). Also, you should check for specifications such as the number of airbags, seatbelts, lock and alarm systems.

Reliability and quality

60% of the parents who were surveyed by Dacia said that the brand is not relevant to them but 99% value reliability when choosing a family car. The good news is that due to competition among car brands, most vehicles are highly reliable. You should check consumer reports for reliability ratings; they survey about 500,000 car owners annually to determine which brands have the most reliability issues. Similarly, quality cars have fewer overall problems such as rattling noises and paint peeling.

One should not rush into acquiring a family car. Instead, they should conduct in-depth research using the available online material. As a parent, you should basically go for a car that is spacious, comfortable, safe, and reliable. Remember not to judge a book by its cover. Do not forget to research crash test ratings from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) and remember that newer is always better.

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