Top Tips on How to Stay Organized in the Six Week Summer Holidays

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It’s something that’s equally dreaded and looked forward to by all parents alike. As the school year draws to an end, and our children are preparing to move up a year in school, you have the inevitable six-week gap in between the end of a term, and the beginning of a new one. Of course, it’s lovely to be able to spend the time with your kids, and you probably have some lovely things planned, but six weeks is a long time for a little one. Kids thrive off routine, and are therefore better behaved because of one, so when they’re taken out of their routine for nigh on two months, how can you keep them happy and entertained without spending a bomb? By following these top tips, the holidays are sure to be a breeze. 

Make a Plan

By making a plan filled with affordable activities for your child, you’ll immediately make the idea of the six-weeks holiday seem less daunting. It can be both tricky and expensive making a plan to please your child – especially if you have more than one and they like different things. However, if you’re willing to get creative and do your research, this isn’t as hard as you think. Many places will have special deals on throughout the school holidays, whether that be for lunch or the cinema, so keep your eyes peeled for the top deals. Likewise, consider doing some DIY arts and crafts in the house with the kids, or having your own movie night with popcorn and pizzas to save money. Whatever it is you have planned, try and get them looking forward to it – it’s a great bribe to cancel if they do start acting up! Look online for a planner and stick it up on the wall for all of the family to see. This could even include a suggestions box, where your kids could write down ideas of things that they’d like to do on a day to day basis. All of these little things will make the holidays a lot easier. 

Make Your Own Life Easier

Chances are you’ll have your own things that you need to do in this six-week period, especially if you’ve managed to get some time off work, so research how you can possibly make your life easier. For example, a lot of families choose to move home in the summer because the kids are off school, and therefore if they need to move to a different school, they can start afresh in September with everybody else. If you are looking to move and sell your home this summer holiday, do your research on how you can do this easily, for example instead of going through an estate agent why not consider using a company such as Ready Steady Sell. This cash buying service will value your home free of charge and will buy your house immediately, hassle-free. Not only this, but you’ll save on estate agents fees which can work out very expensive. Why struggle when you don’t have to?

Encourage Your Kids to Help Out Around the House

As much as you’d love the six-weeks to be one long holiday for all of you, even when the kids are off school, the weekly chores still need to be completed. Why not use their time off to your advantage and get them to help you out? Of course, you’ll want to make sure the jobs you’re giving them are age appropriate, but as a parent, it’s up to you to decide what these are. Making a rota of chores for your kids is a great way of helping them to keep in a routine, and to give them something to do even on those quiet rainy days. Whether this is teaching them to do simple tasks such as loading the dishwasher, helping you do the dusting, or even accompanying you on the weekly shop and helping you to compile a list, it’ll give them a sense of purpose and a “job” of their own throughout the holidays. Remember boredom is the cause of a lot of bad behavior. Plus, you’ll be getting some help with jobs and getting to spend time chatting with your little ones. It’s a win-win.

Keep in Touch with Friends

Last of all, remember to help your kids to stay in touch with their school friends, and you yourself stay in touch with their parents who you are friends with. Meeting up for play dates is great for both of you because six weeks can feel like a long time to be away from your friends. Above all, remember to enjoy the time you have with your little one because one day they’ll grow up and it’s time you don’t get back.

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