Travis Scott Net worth:

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According to some estimates, Scott the founder of travis scott merch earns $ 10 million annually from a deal with Nike. However, this is not a record for him. During a lockdown in April 2020, a skyscraper-high rapper’s virtual avatar burst into the computer game Fortnight and gave a ten-minute performance. It was accompanied by a meteorite falling, swimming on the ocean floor, going into outer space and the presentation of a joint track with Kid Cadi (it was on its cover that KAWS worked). The action was simultaneously watched by 12.3 million Twitch viewers, while on YouTube the recording of the concert gained almost 160 million views. According to Forbes the Fortnight collaboration earned Scott $ 20 million in revenue from the sale of custom-designed in-game skins. In addition, after the performance of La Flame (this is the nickname that is in the header of the rapper’s profile on Integra), he gained 1.4 million new subscribers, and the demand for tickets for his concerts increased by 419%.

The profits of the Fortnight developer Epic Games have not been disclosed. But it is clear that thanks to Travis Scott, she not only attracted new players to her platforms, but also showed musicians that, with an innovative and high-quality approach, a virtual concert can become a viable alternative to a physical one.

Career and collaborations:

Six months later, for “something special that arouses interest,” McDonald’s came to the rapper, seeking to improve their affairs after the quarantine. The collaboration turned into the release of a special combo with items from the classic menu that Scott ordered in Texas as a child: an average Sprite, a royal cheeseburger and fries with barbecue sauce. The release was accompanied by a commercial for which La Flame drew animation and wrote part of the script, as well as merchandise with the combined McDonald’s and Cactus Jack logos: travisscott T-shirts, baseball caps, ties, a lunch box, a basketball and a nugget-shaped pillow. The excitement was not long in coming: the company faced an unprecedented problem for itself – a shortage of products. However, her management was not exactly upset: McDonald’s sales in the third quarter of 2020 rose 4.6% after falling 8.7% in the second.

Experts explain the success of Travis Scott’s side projects by the fact that he does not allow brands to dictate terms to themselves. In other words, he does not just immerse himself in the existing world, but brings his own into it: this was the case with Nike, and with Fortnight, and with McDonald’s, no matter how different these collaborations may be. Another rapper’s rule is to cooperate only with those companies whose products he himself consumes. 

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