Treating Yourself – Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

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We put so much strain on ourselves both mentally and physically, sometimes we need to just listen to our bodies and rest. It might sound logical to say take a break, take a spa break! But with commitments, plans and even budget restraints, we can’t all head off to weekend retreat as much as we’d like to. But did you know, that with a little imagination and know how, you can easily have a five star spa experience in your very own bathroom at home? It’s true! Read on for some super simple ways to turn your bathroom into your very own piece of heaven.


Well, first things first. You’re going to need your bathroom to look like a spa. There’s not much room to relax if you’re surrounded by rubber ducks and your partners razor…so, now is the time to declutter your bathroom and make it as minimalistic as you can. You might need to rethink your storage options

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