Treating Yourself – Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

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We put so much strain on ourselves both mentally and physically, sometimes we need to just listen to our bodies and rest. It might sound logical to say take a break, take a spa break! But with commitments, plans and even budget restraints, we can’t all head off to weekend retreat as much as we’d like to. But did you know, that with a little imagination and know how, you can easily have a five star spa experience in your very own bathroom at home? It’s true! Read on for some super simple ways to turn your bathroom into your very own piece of heaven.


Well, first things first. You’re going to need your bathroom to look like a spa. There’s not much room to relax if you’re surrounded by rubber ducks and your partners razor…so, now is the time to declutter your bathroom and make it as minimalistic as you can. You might need to rethink your storage options – perhaps investing some wicker baskets or installing some high shelves. But storing your bath salts, cotton buds, and other bathroom necessities in glass jars will really make it look the part. Remember, less is more when it comes to the spa look.


Lighting is an important factor if you’re hoping to relax. And most bathroom lights are bright and unflattering to say the least. If you have the budget and the time, then consider installing some lights with dimmer switches so you can really boost your spa vibe. Or light plenty of candles to create the perfect calming atmosphere – worried about naked flames? LED candles will work just fine too!

Upgrade your shower head

When we think of a spa, we usually think of hot tubs with powerful water jets – something which probably isn’t viable in an everyday bathroom. What we can update though is our showerheads! Installing a massage shower head is an ideal investment, not only will it soothe those aching muscles, but you’ll get your money’s worth as you’ll be using it every day! A spa like shower is the perfect way to boost your relaxation levels.

Heated towels

What’s a spa without a gorgeous fluffy towel and robe to snuggle into? It’s time to let go of all those old, scratchy towels and treat yourself to some beautiful towels, a nice robe and some slippers. It’s hard work relaxing – so make sure you’ve got them warming up on the radiator, so you can use them straight away!


Music is an integral part of any spa. So, don’t forget to add it to your own home spa. If you treat yourself to a new waterproof, Bluetooth speaker you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet!

Tub tray

These are so popular right now! Having a tub tray means that while you’re soaking away, you can enjoy your book – without running the risk of dropping it in the water and even a glass of champagne while you relax. Heaven!

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