Trends in Logo Design 2022

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Logo surrounds you everywhere. If you look around right now, you will surely see various types of logos. But how does it work and what is the difference between one design and another? Obviously, not all logo options bring the same efficiency. For this reason, bright creative minds are constantly creating new logos to catch your eye especially strongly. Read on to learn about current 2022 logo trends.

Logo design: main functions

To succeed in business, you need to be not only seen but also remembered. And nothing works better in this sense than a recognizable logo. If your logo design is done professionally, then consumers will remember your brand, even when they do not use your product or service right away.

Logo design may come as a minimal detail, at the sight of which a person pops up a holistic image of the company. Such a brand sign helps the company to stand out in the market. The logo is a kind of guarantee of quality and reliability, and so, to make a logo, use the service Turbologo.

The company logo performs the following functions:

  • The company’s logo strengthens your reputation and makes your brand recognizable
  • The unique logo design allows you to stand out brightly from the competition
  • With the help of a properly created logo, you can express the main goal and objectives of your brand in a simplified form

Trends in logo design 2022

The world of design is constantly evolving. What seemed bright and original a couple of years ago, today may look boring and faded. Thanks to the work of graphic designers, the logo industry is updated every year. What logo style options will dominate in the design environment of 2022? We have collected 8 original logo trends 2022:

1. Logo in retro rubber hose style

retro rubber hose style

Logo author: SAMPLE

Everything new is well-forgotten! If you remember fragments of cartoons from the beginning of the last century, you will surely understand what we are talking about. Images of rubber hoses could often be seen in those animated pictures for children. And today such a design is becoming more and more popular for creating business logos.

Retro aesthetics of this format brings a sense of the connection of times and at the same time gives a sense of joy and comfort. After seeing the logo in the retro rubber hose style, the consumer will at least smile and will never forget such a brand name.

2. Simple lines with minimum details


Logo author: Ted Kulakevich

This is another in-demand style that will occupy top positions in 2022 logo trends. Simplicity and conciseness never goes out of fashion, and therefore, if you want your organization’s logo to look relevant in a couple of years, choose a simple design.

Following the trend of simple lines, business companies will be able to get attractive and memorable logo designs that will more easily attract the attention of their customers and pay attention to the brand image. This year, such logo options may also include bright colors and contrasts.

3. Vertical logo style

Vertical logo style

Logo author: Lepchik

Vertical forms and positions are once again leading in the design environment! Those common horizontal pictures and signs are a thing of the past. In 2022, many professional designers will offer customers a variant of the logo in a vertical style. These can be both vertically stretched inscriptions or particular letters, as well as images of different objects.

4. Blurred logos

Blurred logos

Logo author: MD ALAMIN

Another variant of the logo design trends that will be at the top in 2022 is the design of blurred lines. Such inscriptions can be clearly read but they will be written in an original, blurry font. Lots of modern designers play with blur effects in their logos, which allows them to appreciate the smoothness and mobility of their designs. This format makes it easier to attract the reader’s attention and capture his mind for a long time.

5. Bright candy-style logos

Logo author: Md Rasel

Logo author: Md Rasel

Color is still the best way to stand out and attract attention of the customers. The candy color style itself seems to be one of the graphic trends in 2022, especially in digital art, and is now also applied to logos. Thanks to these bright and “tasty” colors, we get awesome and bold logos that delight the eye and affect the consumer’s consciousness magnetically.

6. Logos with lowercase letters

Logos with lowercase letters

Logo author: pixtocraft

Instead of uppercase letters, many cool designers are increasingly using lowercase letters when making logos for some companies. Thus, the logo design gets a special charm and brings visual harmony.

7. Different logo stroke

Different logo stroke

Logo author: Nick Zotov

Trendy logos are becoming less commonplace, and many of them have different thickness of strokes in one composition. This set of stroke thickness allows you to give more depth and interest to your particular logo design. Thus, logo creators manage to overcome stereotypes and restrictions by making fonts for writing that no longer correspond the established rules.

8. Art Deco logos

Art Deco logos

Logo author: Jeremy Vessey

Art Deco is an integral part of the new graphic trends of 2022. The style of the 20s, which is greatly simplifies and provides an elegant geometry. That kind of 2022 logo design is based on symmetry and geometry. Art Deco logos are elegant and modern. They are perfectly suitable for any design.

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