Trunks Vs Boxer Briefs: Which One To Choose?

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At first look, boxer briefs and trunks appear to be the same. They both fall midway between boxers and briefs on the men’s knickers spectrum. 

Both feature a tighter fit that adapts to the leg for maximum mobility and flexibility. However, if you want a looser knickers fit or a higher cut, you can read our comparison of boxers versus briefs.

Why Is It Important To Know The Distinction Between Trunks Vs Boxer Briefs

“What kind of trousers should I wear?” “What’s the difference between boxer briefs and trunks?” These are frequently asked questions.  It’s the problem that tends to keep guys awake at night!

Often, a few well-phrased inquiries can solve the problem in a flash. However, not everyone wants to reveal their deepest secrets, and not everyone can have a private session with a tailor. He’s a man on the go. 

But the major dilemma remains: boxer briefs vs. trunks – which sort of knickers is better for me?

Boxer Briefs Vs Trunks: What’s The Distinction? 

Boxer Briefs Vs Trunks

Fit Based 

Fit Based: trunks vs boxer breifs

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Boxer Brief 

Boxer briefs feature a longer fit than briefs. While this is better suited to an active lifestyle and taller, more muscular body types, boxer briefs are one of the most popular kinds of men’s pants for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to wear a full-coverage, completely supportive pair of underwear that maximises overall comfort?


Trunks are similar to boxer briefs. However, they are shorter. Despite being an excellent choice for any man, trunks are especially well-suited to guys of shorter stature. So, choose the one that complements your body type in the fight of trunks versus boxer briefs. 

Body Type 

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Boxer Briefs

If you have broad, muscular thighs or a huge frame, boxer briefs can give protection while being breathable and pleasant. Boxer briefs are long enough to cover the largest region of the thigh. So if your thighs round down towards the knee, boxer briefs will ensure your underwear stays secure and in place all day.


Trunks are ideal for males with smaller thighs or a slimmer body shape. You won’t have to worry about unpleasant bunching or riding up since the trunks are designed with short legs and a very tight fit. 

While wearing trunks, you can move on through your day quickly, comfortably, and confidently, knowing that your underwear is doing everything right.

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Daily Activities

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are comfortable throughout most daily tasks, which is why they are popular. While they thrive at most sports, activities such as walking about town or commuting to work also benefit from their assistance.


Trousers also look great tucked into a variety of trousers and shorts. If you want to work out or play sports in shorts that hit higher on the thigh, you should wear trunks instead of boxer briefs to avoid the awkward situation of your underpants peeping out from beneath the hem of your shorts.


Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs offer a snug fit that makes them ideal for wearing beneath any type of apparel, whether you like slim jeans or athletic shorts. They will not cluster, wedge, or shift no matter what you do during the day.


Men’s trunks are made of less fabric, resulting in a more compact form of the boxer brief, and this is the primary distinction between trunks and boxer briefs. 

They are made of the same fabric – cotton or modal with a little stretch added for comfort – and give a wonderful fit without the longer legs and high waist.

Stays Put 

Boxer Briefs 

If you’re tired of dealing with boxers that ride up or cause chafing, boxer briefs are the ideal solution. Because of their tighter fit, they’ll remain precisely in place whether you’re at the gym or lounging at home.


Trunks are small and unassuming. They are perfect for males with thicker thighs since the leg is less prone to bunching. They are designed for comfort, holding everything in place and providing definition where you want it. It can appear excessively tiny on well-built guys, yet it is ideal for displaying a flat tummy.


Boxer Briefs

They provide more coverage of your legs. But make sure they don’t slip out of your shorts. Sometimes, it’s helpful just to be comfortable, but it can become inconvenient outside playing sports. 


Trunks are shorter than boxer briefs, so the hem falls just over the broadest section of your leg. If you’re on the shorter side or have short legs, trunks would be ideal to showcase your muscles and comfort your unique body type. 

Boxers Vs Trunks: Which One To Choose? 

Choose boxer briefs if: 

  • You are taller or more slim in build
  • You participate in activities that cause leg friction, such as running.
  • There is no regular ride-up from knickers.
  • Chafing is a common complaint.

Choose trunks if: 

  • You have a bulkier build or big thighs
  • You perform flexible kinds of exercise such as yoga or rock climbing.
  • You wear formal clothing or tucked-in shirts regularly.
  • Chafing is not a regular occurrence.

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In The End, Boxer Shorts Vs Boxer Briefs? 

Boxer Shorts 

Boxer shorts, to give them their proper name, are just a pair of shorts worn beneath your pants. Inspired by the shorts boxers wear in the ring (obviously), they can be constructed of woven or knitted cotton fabric, with the latter offering a little elasticity, making them more forgiving if you’re a large dude.

The advantage here is that because they are looser fitting, boxers let your moving parts move and bring in some air to keep them cool.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs, however, are more fitting and keep everything in place. They are made from knitted cotton or modal (a natural fiber that is smooth to the touch) and are generally combined with a small quantity of elastane. 

The pouch has an extra layer of material in the crotch, cradles your privates, providing support and protection – adding to the comfort element. Boxers also give additional definition in the back because they are fitted.


Trunks or boxer briefs are a great option if you’re looking for men’s knickers with a snug fit that reaches down the thigh. 

Both are appropriate for any occasion or activity, so you can be confident that you’ll be ready to face the day in any of these looks.

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