Tuesday Afternoon Update

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They figured out why my mom is losing blood – apparently when they went to put the stent in to stop the bleeding where the surgery was done, they put the stent in the wrong place.  Like, really?  Needless to say, we’re not very happy.  We haven’t heard anything about what they’re going to do because they didn’t put a stent where it was supposed to go while they had her under last night.  They just took the stent out.  I’m going up to see my mom and dad after I drop Miles off at work, so hopefully I’ll find something out.

My dad has a fever again.  They finally investigated why his mouth/jaw has been hurting so badly.  He has sores all in his mouth and it’s probably from a virus.  They have him on antibiotics.  He was having some test done today (I forget what it was called).  So who knows when he’ll be getting released.

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  1. I can’t belive that they done that! I’m so sorry for what your mom has went thorugh.I would have someones head on a siler plate!

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