Twenty-Five Presents that Fit Almost Anyone Over Thirty

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When most of us think about buying presents for friends, family, and colleagues, we usually start by considering their likes and dislikes, hobbies, passions, and preferences before settling on a particular item. While that’s a thoughtful and personalized way to approach gift giving, there’s another method that’s just a satisfying to both the giver and the receiver. And that’s by getting the recipient something that virtually everyone needs and wants (even if they don’t know it yet!).

Here’s a list of presents that fit almost anyone over thirty. Practical, useful, incredibly handy, these are things everyone can and will be happy to have. Sometimes, the best presents to get are the ones we wouldn’t necessarily buy ourselves.

  1. Kitchen gadgets. An electric can opener, a blender to make those morning smooothies, a wide-slot toaster that can crisp up a good bagel or two, a rice cooker that takes care of the rice while you stir fry are all winners. Have a bigger budget? Consider gifting an Instant Pot or Air Fryer, both super trendy and with a plethora of recipes online to try.
  2. Electric toothbrush. When you consider most people brush their teeth two or more times a day, why not provide the very best tool to keep those pearly whites clean? Electronic toothbrushes come in all price points, colors, and sizes. Pick the one that best fits your recipient and budget.
  3. Umbrella. When it rains, it pours. And lots of times, we forget our umbrella during storms and get wet. Find a sturdy, solid model in a variety of colors and patterns and gift away!
  4. Reusable water bottle. Help save the environment and keep people hydrated at the same time. Reusable water bottles are all the rage and simply everyone needs one. Choose from a variety of styles, insulation levels, and price points for the perfect anytime gift.
  5. Straws that don’t harm the environment. Straws have been banned in many places, but that doesn’t keep people from liking (and missing) drinking from them. So why not bring joy back to your favorite sipper by getting them some pretty paper straws, a reusable one made of stainless steel or silicone, or even the kind made from real hay.
  6. Subscription service. There’s a subscription service out there for every kind of need and interest, from shaving to pet food to workout gear. Pick the niche and then point, click, and send.
  7. Tool kit. Everyone should have a good hammer, wrench, and set of screwdrivers. A tool kit—they even come in pink for your girly-girly friends—is one of the best and most practical gifts out there.
  8. Belt. Sizes are pretty general and fairly easy to estimate, making this a dapper gift for anyone.
  9. Wallet. Money makes the world go around, and we all need a place to store our cash. A wallet is a useful, practical gift that keeps on giving.
  10. Portable power bank. Cell phones have a terrible habit of powering down at the absolute wrong moments. Avoid the pain of not being able to hail an Uber after a long night out with a portable power bank.
  11. Headphones/air pods. Everyone needs (or just wants) to tune out the world and tune into a favorite show, podcast, or music once in awhile. Headphones make it easy, and are always a welcome addition.  
  12. Streaming subscription. Netflix, Spotify, Hulu…covering the cost of streaming services for a friend is the ultimate gift. Fyre documentary for free? Yes please!
  13. Fan. Whether it’s a vintage oscillating aqua charmer or sleek and trendy bladeless type, a fan will make anyone feel just a little bit cooler.
  14. Vacuum cleaner. Tidying is all the rage, and de-crumbing our floors comes with the territory. Gifting a rechargeable vacuum stick, handheld Dust Buster, or robotic Roomba will help keep things in order.
  15. Electronic tracker. Perfect for the colleague who’s always asking, “Where did I put my phone?” (or glasses, which are always on her head), an electronic tracking device like the Tile is just the answer. No more searching for things endlessly!
  16. Video doorbell. Knock knock, who’s there? A video doorbell that lets people see the person at the door without even getting up. It’s both an effective crime deterrent and peace of mind enhancer.
  17. Weighted blanket. People say weighted blankets help them feel more relaxed, fall asleep more easily, and feel like a big hug. Who wouldn’t want that?
  18. Charging base. Instead of constantly fraying charging cords, why not gift someone a new-fangled charging base? They look cool and work fast. Compression bags for luggage.
  19. Compression bags. Keep packing easy and organized, with the added bonus of making clothing take up a much smaller space.
  20. Scarf. Silk, wool, fluffy, light. Whichever you choose, a scarf will look jaunty and add a new flair to any outfit.
  21. Avocado saver. Avocadoes are expensive and hard to save once you’ve opened them. So give a handy avocado saver that keeps the yummy thing from browning. Toast for everyone!
  22. Smartphone sanitizer. We all use our phones so much that they’re bound to get grimy and germy. Wipe the slate clean with a smartphone sanitizer and keep your friends healthier in the process.
  23. Cheese board or cake plate. Ever go to set out a nice wedge of Brie or key lime pie to guests and realize you only have your everyday plates to serve it on? Us too. Solve to problem for your recipient by getting them a marble cheese board or pretty little cake plate.
  24. Sleep mask. We spend over a third of our lives in bed, so why not make that time as comfortable as possible? A silk or sating sleep mask helps eliminate excess light and it feels so good.
  25. Fancy candle or soap. Add the sweet smell of “I love it” to anyone’s life by gifting a fancy candle or pretty soap.  

Make giving easier and more successful by stocking up on these practical yet welcome gifts. No one can argue with something they actually need, solves problems, and works great. Useful presents for the win!

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