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Like Tyler’s music, the day takes pleasantly impulsive turns in unexpected directions. I began a shopping expedition from the hotel to the Come store in the Renault Espace, alone following the Mercedes he had borrowed during his stay in Paris. From Comme to your next destination, 0FR Gallery Bookstore. Travis goes to Espace, and I sit with Tyler in a Mercedes. He also has Merch Named as tyler the creator merch.  This arrangement continues until the end of the day. During six consecutive trips, I always have the recorder turned on. As he goes shopping, I watch him, quietly fascinated by his cheerful, executive and inquisitive demeanor. Because of the sluggishness of Parisian traffic and Tyler’s willingness to provide an undiluted bird’s-eye view of his world, much of the conversation takes place on these road trips. 

Tyler the creator Lifestyle:

Tyler, the Creator spends over $ 700 on fiction books, including Homo Americanus, a collection of works by the genius artist Raymond Pettibon. Watching Tyler stand in a luxury bookstore – with his animalic hairstyle, Aertex polo, beige pants, cap, white socks and sandals, books under his arm – creates an impressive image in the mind. He is talking to another tall blond man at the magazine counter. Did you see that? He says when he leaves. – He is beautiful.

The hunt for the Comme des Garçons book ends later downstairs at The Broken Arm clothing store, where a consultant tells him it can no longer be purchased. Tyler, the Creator consoles himself with a slow and quiet rap about the US government, with a counterpoint accent on long, heavy syllables to match the invigorating techno playing on the radio in the store.

Why to choose Tyler the creator merch:

Tyler, the Creator looks at a display stand of CELINE women’s clothing . He puts Phoebe Fileo in a special place in the highest echelons of the canons of modern fashion. He worries a lot about what to expect now that HediSlimane has taken over the leadership of his beloved brand . I wonder what he brings new, he says. It’s been nine to ten years now, and I understand that she probably wanted to leave, but I just don’t want the beautiful marble, plants and color palette to turn into skinny white heroin boys dressed all in black. Dude, I just don’t want to lose it. Tyler, the Creator is not so much a consumer as one of the greatest collectors of mankind’s extraordinary beauty. He has hungry eyes. Sometimes this translates into something between boyish jokes and gay porn (I’m pregnant!), But sometimes it becomes the subject of calm reflections. There is something surprisingly frank and at the same time unknowable about him.

Igor Album merch:

For the most part, I base myself on how the thing looks like, he says, before settling on an unusual example. – For example, Golf tyler the creator. I don’t like okra. As food, it is disgusting. But I love the way that word looks. I cannot explain it. The view is important to me. If something looks good, then it is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I don’t care what it is. I’ve seen cakes that look so pretty that I didn’t want to touch them. Building. Tires. Bags. People. Lord, for some reason I really like your ear. Can I take a picture of him?  He speaks about bees as sensually as about handsome guys. I think the bees are very beautiful. They are very cool. I also love flowers. The flowers are great too.

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