Types of Assault Charges

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Assault is a criminal offense that can lead to serious consequences. When you are convicted, it results in a criminal record, complete with fingerprint records and other legal processing. Would you like to know more about assault charges? Let us look at the common types of assault charges recognized in most jurisdictions:

Verbal assault

This is one of the most common types of assault. From its name, this assault is as simple as it sounds. You are said to have been assaulted when you are threatened verbally. When it happens, report it to the authorities, citing fear for your wellbeing.

Verbal assaults also carry trauma, which can be emotionally scarring and difficult to cope with so you can include this in your report. 

Simple assault

Simple assault is said to have occurred if:

  • You have applied intentional force to people without their consent
  • Attempted or threatened by an act or gesture to apply force
  • Approached or blocked the other person’s way while openly blandishing a weapon or an imitation of a weapon.

A classic example of a simple assault is when someone threatens to run you over with their car while they are inside.

In most cases, simple assault is treated as a summary conviction and often doesn’t carry a heavy punishment. It’s usually processed directly by the judge without the need for a jury or jail sentence.

However, in severe cases, the assault is treated as an indictable offense, requiring a more formal court process.

Assault causing bodily harm

This is where there are notable body injuries. In court, the assault can be prosecuted as either a summary conviction or an indictable offense depending on the injuries’ extent.

Assault with a weapon

This is as it sounds

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