Types of Lawyers and When Do You Need One

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Amidst the vastness of the legal field, it’s not that uncommon for people to get confused about the type of lawyer who would be suitable for their specific cases. After all, lawyers are people who spend their lives constantly studying the law and the legal framework of a nation; it’s not easy to understand all they do without the right background. To help you understand the role of each specialization, we’ll be providing you with a brief overview that should help you know when you would need one.

Personal Injury

The personal injury term is an umbrella term for a broad range of different lawsuits and legal claims. Some personal injury lawyers even specialize in more specific categories because of how diverse it is. Injuries of any sort resulting from accidents or the negligence of others are within the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. Whether this injury is related to work, car accident, or pretty much any type of accident that belongs to the civil court. According to the professional personal injury lawyers at MarksAndHarrison.com, lawyers can also work closely with investigators to gather evidence and determine the cause of an accident. They are also active at the frontlines of negotiations with insurance companies to get their clients the best settlements without needing to go to court.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is split into two different types of legal professions, prosecutors and defense attorneys. The prosecutors don’t work for clients, but rather for the state. It’s their job to bring and raise criminal charges against offenders who have committed a crime against the state. Defense attorneys are those who defend the accused; they can either be hired privately or assigned automatically by the state, depending on the defendant’s wishes. There are also broad categories in criminal law that allow for the specialization of both prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Intellectual Property

Lawyers who specialize in preserving the original copyrights, trademarks, patents, and any designs that are privately owned by an entity or individual are known as intellectual property lawyers. They will be on the frontlines, whether it’s during defending the company or individual they work for or when they’re pressing charges against another entity.

Corporate Lawyers

Since corporates are big business structures, there are a lot of areas of the law that must be covered for it to work legally. Corporate lawyers specialize in dealing with internal and external corporate issues that are relevant to the formation, documentation, and compliance of the corporation. They can also act as business advisors in certain cases where their legal opinion can weigh heavily in future business endeavors.

Tax Lawyers

Taxes can easily get troublesome, especially for people who aren’t aware of how such an intricate system works. Tax lawyers know the ins and outs of the tax system, providing you with some protection against potential mishaps with the IRS. They are also integral in any corporate and organization’s structure because mistakes with the IRS can mean huge penalties.

Workers’ Compensation 

Those who are injured on the job or have a relative who had a fatal accident related to work are entitled to workers’ compensation from the insurance company. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try to drive down the bargain to a much lower settlement than what is deserved, saving a lot of money in the process. This is why people often resort to workers’ compensation lawyers, who have the experience to deal with insurance companies even if the matter escalated to the court.

Civil Litigation

When the problems get personal, you’ll want to have a civil litigation lawyer by your side. They specialize in handling civil lawsuits on a general level. They often specialize in other branches and some specialize in more than one field. Corporate litigation lawyers, for example, have enough knowledge and experience from their field to help you in commercial litigation cases since they are close to nature.


The entertainment industry is filled with high-profile people, often represented by entertainment lawyers. They are responsible for ensuring the legality of many different legal aspects of the celebrity’s career, such as drafting contracts, business deals, copyright issues, and intellectual property disputes.

While you may not need a specific type of lawyer right now, but when your time is limited under legal pressure at some point in the future, you won’t have the same luxury. Civil and criminal law both contain numerous specializations; a lot of them don’t necessarily intersect. This is why it’s important to find the right lawyer for the specific problem you have if you want the best results

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