The Ultimate Babysitter Prep List – Things You Must Include

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If you are one of the many parents who are a tad nervous about leaving your child with a babysitter, there are several things you can do to ease your anxiety and make the experience much easier for everyone. Instead of scribbling down notes on a piece of paper or constantly sending texts with helpful reminders for your sitter, create a babysitter prep list beforehand. Then, hang it on the fridge so your babysitter can quickly get to it.

If you are thinking to yourself that this is a great idea, but aren’t entirely sure what should make it on the list, check out the ultimate babysitter prep list which includes the suggested items that we think you should include.  Create sections based on our recommendations and then include any of your own modifications or adjustments that fit your family.  Never assume that this information is known, and know that during times of stress, things are easily forgotten.  

Emergency and First Aid Supplies

  • Although you hope nothing will go wrong while your babysitter is in charge, sometimes things do happen. Therefore, you should provide information on where the following items are kept.
  • First Aid Kit – stocked with peroxide, bandages, tweezers, cotton balls, and first aid ointment.  Since a fever is a sure-fire indicator of something being wrong, your baby thermometer should be out, with instructions how to use it, and at what temperature they should call you or the doctor
  • Flash light – a working flash light out in plain view by your note is perfect for a power outage
  • Fire Extinguisher – this might seem extreme, but you should point it out and make sure they know where it is


Contact Details

  • You should have all ways to reach you easily identified on this single piece of paper.  
  • Your contact information, including both your cell and work number (if applicable)
  • Where you will be – work, restaurant, movie theater, etc. and any contact information
  • Two emergency contacts including the closest relative and neighbor should they not be able to reach you
  • Write out your home street address (in case emergency services are needed)
  • Phone numbers for local police and fire departments – not all areas are serviced by calling 911
  • Medical Contact Details
  • Your pediatrician’s name and number, as well as your preferred local hospital
  • Allergies and/ or other medical conditions your child may have (even if you’ve already told your sitter a million times)
  • Poison Control Number (In the United States, the number is 1-800-222-1222) The name of your health insurance provider and the ID or group number
  • Any medications your child is taking and instructions on how to give them

The House Rules

  • Devote a section of your checklist to detailing the rules of your home. Make sure you include information on:
  • Meals and snacks, including what should be eaten and when, as well as what your child cannot have
  • Your child’s bedtime and nap routine, along with details on bath time, if applicable
  • Your child’s diaper or potty training routine, including where to find an extra set of clothes
  • Any restrictions related to screen time, outdoor play, answering the phone or door, etc.

Check in Times

Be sure to include a short section that makes your sitter aware of what situations you want to be made aware of. It’s as simple as stating:  

  • Please call me when or if __________
  • Please text me when or if __________

Miscellaneous Information Your Sitter May Need to Know

  • This section includes everything from details on how to soothe your child if he or she becomes upset to information on pet care. Here, you should include:
  • What your sitter can do to help calm your child if he or she is sad, angry, etc.
  • What your sitter should avoid doing if your child becomes upset (No one knows your child’s quirks better than you.)
  • If applicable, instructions for pet care, including details on feeding and when or if your pet should be allowed outside (It’s also a good idea to include your vet’s name and contact information.)
  • Instructions for operating electronics, as well as any passwords he or she may need to access them

Any other pertinent information you have not already mentioned

(Un)fortunately, you can’t be with your child every single second of the day, which means there is a good chance you will have to leave him or her with a sitter at some point. Go ahead and create your babysitter checklist now, so that you will have it readily available when the time comes. It will make the experience easier for you, your child, and your sitter

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