Understanding the Different Types of Coffee Makers

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Today’s coffee culture has expanded and grown to become a staple in almost every country worldwide. There are hundreds of machines on the market that can make fantastic coffee faster than buying one at a coffee store. There are coffee makers out there that will cater and produce every type of coffee and brewing method you can think of. The only problem with this profusion of choices is actually choosing one, especially if you are not clear on the different coffee brewing techniques and options on the market. 

Read along to understand more about the different options available for you to consider.

Drip Coffee Makers

This is a household staple in many homes. The American coffee brewer, aka, the drip coffee machine is a basic electric coffee machine that brews black coffee from filtered ground beans. It works by dripping hot water slowly through ground coffee beans into a pot. This offers you a black coffee that isn’t fussy and complicated. Drip coffee machines are very affordable and come in a few varieties that are not overwhelming. The options vary between serving sizes starting at a single cup up to 12 cups, filter type, whether metal or paper, automatic on and off settings and a timer. 

Thermal Coffee Makers

Similar to a drip coffee brewer, the main difference is the pot that holds the coffee is made out of insulated thermal. This keeps the coffee hot without continuing to brew your coffee as it sits on the hot plate of the machine. The advantage over a regular drip machine is that the coffee doesn’t become thick and bitter if left in the pot until ready to serve. 

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines have become quite popular as it is the fastest-growing method of drinking a good cup of coffee that feels gourmet. Espresso machines are either semi-automatic, automatic or based on a pod press that is used with capsules. Consider buying a machine for making espresso at home, as it is the closest you will get to store-bought Italian coffee. The espresso maker basically forces boiling water through finely-ground coffee directly into a cup, without the use of a filter resulting in a richer and thicker coffee. An advantage of an espresso machine is that you can control the ratio of coffee to water as per your preference. You can read more at a coffee maker blog.


An electric coffee maker similar to a water boiler, they can be fun to use and watch. 

A percolator steams while it is brewing and offers a nice experience while you wait for your coffee to be made. 

Percolators are used instead of or as a replacement to drip coffee machines in many houses because they are easier to clean and more fun to use while offering an immersive coffee brewing process.   

French Press

A French press is a manual coffee brewer that does not require electricity. Also known as a plunger pot, it is easy to use and clean. All you need is a medium grind coffee beans and boiling water poured into the carafe. Allow it to steep for 4

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