Unexplored Tourist Places in India

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India as a country is a wonderful place to explore with many places still left untouched. The bountiful places that the country has to offer are a blessing. The tourism Industry constitutes around 10% of the country’s total GDP and provides employment to millions of individuals. There are a lot of tourist places which are always brimming with tourists. Apart from those mainstream places, there have been some significant places that are not known to the general public.

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Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh)

Home to the famous Ziro Festival of Music, this place is much more than a music festival. Ziro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also home to Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. There is greenery all around with blue pine trees doting the area. Apart from this, the Meghna Cave Temple is also very popular. The whole valley is just the right place to relax and take a break from everything.

Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh)

Madhya Pradesh has its fair share of hidden gems when it comes to Tourism. They have a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Bhimbetka Caves are one of them. These caves were home to the early men and have been used as a canvas for a long time. One can see a lot of arts that were made by humans from various periods ranging from Upper Paleolithic, through the Mesolithic and Chalcolithic periods, right up to the early history to the very recent Medieval age. The special thing about these paintings is that they are not etched into stone but are painted using pigments. You can learn a lot about your own history through these caves.

Manas National Park (Assam)

Besides the Tea Plantations and Bihu, there is much more to Assam and among it is the Manas National Park, It is a Biosphere Reserve, a Wildlife Sanctuary, and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site that is still pretty much untouched. Manas National Park is very suitably situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and is home to rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur, and pygmy hog. 

Champaner – Pavagadh (Gujarat)

It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Champaner – Pavagadh Archaeological Park. This place has a lot of historical and mythological significance attached to it. There are a lot of buildings that are inspired by the Islamic and Hindu architectural designs. The archaeological park experiences a lot of footfall because of the presence of a number of Jain and Hindu Temples and Mosques. It is a wonderful city and has a lot of history attached to it. 

Shoja (Himachal Pradesh)

This quaint little village is situated in the heavenly Seraj Valley and is still pretty much untouched by the hoard of tourists. The whole area is covered by lush greenery and experiences heavy snowfall during the winters. The area is good for trekking and has lots of interesting treks such as Jalori Pass Trek, Tirthan Valley Trek and much more. Shoja also has a lot of temples in and around it such as the Jalori Mata Temple, Mahakali Temple and much more which makes it a perfect getaway destination for people from the northern part of India. 

Nubra (Jammu and Kashmir)

Inaccessible during the months of January to March due to heavy snowfall, the Nubra Valley is situated about 150 km from Leh. Nubra valley is situated between the Ladakh and the Karakoram Range. It is also home to the Siachen Glacier and is very close to the Line of Actual Control. The way to Nubra goes through the Khardung La Pass which is considered the highest motorable road in the world. The place is abundant in natural beauty and provides oneself with the tranquility they crave for.

Hogenakkal (Tamil Nadu)

Tamil Nadu has a lot of waterfalls and Hogenakkal Falls is one of them. The Hogenakkal Falls is famously attributed as the Niagra Falls of India and one can do a lot of adventure activities such as boat rides, rafting etc there. Apart from the waterfalls, the area is also famous for its beautiful hill town, the temples and a lot of banana & coconut plantations. The carbonatite rocks in this area are considered one of the oldest in the world and the striking of gushing waters on these rocks provides a totally different experience.

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