Unique Anniversary Presents For Your Husband

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Men are not easy to shop for. Clothes, jewelry, and perfumes may appeal to you, but choosing them for your husband on anniversary can turn out to be boring and rather un-special. You want the present to be unique and different. Here are some unique anniversary gift ideas that you can look into for this year:

A Man Bouquet

Consider a bouquet for your man, but the one that’s more suited to his interests and tastes. Flowers, however, may not hold the same value to him as they do you. Make your husband something that includes all the things that he likes and arranged in the design of a bouquet.

All you need is some basic craft items such as a basket, some skewers and some Styrofoam to stick the skewers in. To make it unique and special to him, get some candies and other snacks that he likes and even gift certificates to the restaurant he prefers. Stick these on the skewers and arrange them into a bouquet.

If you wish to give it a scent that makes it more bouquet-like, perhaps spray it with a perfume of yours that he likes. Videos on YouTube can help you with visual instructions on how to make a bouquet.


A present related to personal taste

Personalized doesn’t comprise DIY presents as the one mentioned above, but presents that have been bought with thought and care or ordered especially with something specific to your loved one’s taste in mind.

If he has a love of art, then perhaps presenting him with a special painting or wall art is going to be a loving gesture to make on your anniversary. If he is a man of faith, a religious token or personalized gift from Personal Creations will definitely fit his personality.

You’re recommended to carry out little research into what special present would suit his tastes, even if it involves learning how to find a good set of golf clubs.


Sign Up for Dance Lessons

If you both still have some moves left in you, sign up for some exotic dance classes and teach each other the art of dancing as a form of expressing each other’s love.

Dance lessons can be fun and exhilarating and can even be used to set the mood for some sort of pampering session later during the day or other plans of intimacy that you may have for the night ahead.


A Special Massage Session

Whether you do it yourself or sign up for a massage for two at your nearest spa, this is likely to be a great way to liven up your anniversary day.

Giving him a massage on your own can be turned into a special and romantic evening for the both of you with some pampering soaps and lotions bought in advance especially for the occasion.

A massage session for at a spa is also a fun way to relax together especially if both of you work and have children to add to your frenzied life.


In the end, whatever you choose to present your husband with on the occasion, make sure that it’s a gift from the heart and one that truly reflects your love. Even the simplest things may become endearing and memorable if they have been given with special care and thought.

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  1. Your blog is so cute, I love it. Cute ideas too. A lot of my friends and their husbands have done dancing and they really enjoyed it. It said it completely “Reconnected” them again because it’s personal and takes team work!


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