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A perfect home should be in appropriate proportion, full of perfectly arranged simple but beautiful interior decoration. This in its real sense will trigger the joy of being at home at every given opportunity. A home should not only be beautiful or just attend to the happiness or taste of its owner but in the same magnitude appeal to visitors making their way to the allowed sector either on their first or subsequent visits.

In this sense, our homes are meant to be a sight of beautiful memories in the light of moments captured on what we have done individually or collectively as a family, work colleagues, or friends, the best of which can be expressed with beautiful art portraits or photo prints, either on canvas or wallpapers. This will ensure visitors are entertained even at the point of entry without waiting to be told. Nice photo prints will capture their attention spot on.

Creating a beautiful home comes with a very good eye for decoration, it can be time and energy exhausting at times. To create a perfect arrangement in your home, there is a lot of things that come into mind; like the perfect combination of things that goes together, what to put in a specific place?

What sizes of photo prints or canvas prints fit a part of the room? What color best goes with the other? All these and more are vital issues to be considered. For example, in dealing with photo and canvas prints, the color of the room matters a lot before choosing the frames and photo prints in question. A white painted wall will always go with dark frames any day, colored pictures are good, also black and white photos or arts are always beautiful here, to add some colors, red, pink or yellow canvas prints speak well on such wall.

The size of the photo or canvas prints is also an important factor to bear in mind by positions and types of places you want to place them. Here is a list of places and the sizes of photoprints or canvas prints that fit into them;

The bedroom

In the bedroom, there are only a few places to place photo or canvas prints, like the top of the bed space, the wider wall space and top of the dresser, a 16×16 canvas photo or canvas print is the best in this part of the house, this can be of the single large portrait or a photo collage. Also, a 16×20 size canvas size can be used, this can either be hung vertically or horizontally. Everything you do in your bedroom is basically to satisfy your taste and/or your partner.

Office space

Your desk, the stairways, and the general reception are places to harbor beautiful canvas prints and photo prints, personal desk can contain 16×16 photo prints of family group pictures, children, wife, or husband. At the reception, fine pieces of canvas prints can be displayed, sizes to be considered range from 24×36, 30×40, or 36×36. A 24×36 canvas print can be used to display large canvas prints hung within other smaller pictures on the wall at the reception or stairways. 30×40 is a large-size photo or canvas print notable for pictures or artworks or beautiful sights like busy cities, train stations, nature sights, and popular tourist attraction centers in the world, these can be displayed at the reception gallery or the stairways as well. 

The living room

There is always enough space to display beautiful artworks and canvas prints in this part of the house as this is the major attention capturing center for visitors in the house. For instance, a large-sized photo or canvas prints can be used to showcase a large collage of family pictures, artworks in one piece. 

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