Upgrades To Make Your Car Look New

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Between daily commutes to work, shopping sprees, and friendly road trips, our cars age more than we care to admit. The fact that we’ve spent so much time behind the wheel is an indicator of how used and tired our vehicles can become throughout the miles. Now, because we can’t imagine our lives without them, it’s imperative to be proactive as far as maintenance goes. Even if your car is 10 years or older, it’s never too late to start freshening it up.

Without delving into mechanical considerations, we’ve listed some cool upgrades to help you spruce up your ride and give it a second youth. From interior to exterior, you’ll be able to make your car look great again!

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Seat covers

Starting off, replacing your seat upholstery will be an instant aesthetic upgrade for your interior. Not only will it hide any damages caused by wear and tear, but it’s also bound to improve comfort during rides. Make sure to select a new material and color that will blend in well with your vehicle.

Carpet and floor mats

Did you know that it’s the carpet that gives new cars their distinctive, beloved smell? Getting it replaced can indeed be costly, but it’s a necessary upgrade for any car that is a decade old or more. If not, buying new floor mats–which also suffer from greater abuse–will suffice.

Car accessories

There are countless ways you can use accessories to your advantage to revitalize your car; from steering wheel cover and racing pedals to dashboard grip and smartphone mount, you can easily modernize your interior without breaking the bank. Just remember, too much stuff can make it look tacky! Also, more than the design and looks, it is advisable that you invest in steering wheel locks for added security. Keeping your car safe should still be the primary concern when it comes to making an upgrade on your car.

Lighting and visual effects

Another way to add some edgy vibes to your vehicle is by installing an under-dash LED lighting kit. Red, blue, purple or green, they’re all widely available online. Generally inexpensive and very easy to install, LED kits are guaranteed to illuminate your interior at night with some flashy, youthful tones.

Get wired with tech

If you’re riding with an early generation model, chances are your car didn’t come equipped with amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, on-board navigation, or quality speakers. Thankfully, the modern market is now offering various products that can prove useful for owners of older cars. Scour online platforms for purchasing options.


Paint job

This is certainly one of the more expensive upgrades on this list, but nothing screams ‘new’ for your car louder than a fresh coat of paint. Once you’ve taken care of those scratches and dents, it might be time for a brand-new shining armor to pimp your ride and improve its appearance. Let your creative flow guide you!

Hydrophobic coating

The exterior of your car is naturally exposed to humidity (rain, snow, ice), which causes more damage than we can imagine. So, make use of the latest technologies in the hydrophobic coating to prevent it from deteriorating due to unforgiving weather. This solution is bound to protect your car from any damage, keeping it neat and clean throughout the seasons. It’s a superb alternative to an expensive, energy-consuming paint job.

New wheels

Wheels are some of the most exposed and vulnerable car parts, particularly for older models as they tend to lose their adherence and firmness over time. To remedy this, look into acquiring a new set of wheels to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and drivability. It’s not an easy purchase, but fortunately, the industry caters to all purses nowadays.

New headlights and taillights

If you want to make your car look newer at first glance, consider replacing your foggy and dirty lights with brand new ones. This is a guarantee for a sharper and more modern look. Alternatively, restoring your existing head and taillights can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget. Don’t hesitate to replace the light bulb for better visibility and improved aesthetics.

New windshield wipers

Last but not least, it’s a fact that older cars tend to have weaker windshield wipers. While some drivers ride carelessly with dirty wipers, or with no wipers at all (which is illegal), consider investing in a new model with an integrated motor to keep your windshield spotless and propel your car into the 21st century!

All in all, while many of us wish we could afford switching rides every couple of years, not everybody has that luxury. In truth, unless you’ve got serious engine problems, you’ll be just fine with keeping your current car for some time. The tips above are just some examples of what you could do to upgrade your car and give it the revamping it deserves after all those loyal years!

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