Bring Back the Excitement Use 80s Slang

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This era combines the 60s and the 70s fun and takes it to a whole new level. TV and entertainment was the thing for the 80s. So, we did see a lot of big hairstyles and elegant fashion trends. The rock music took some interesting turns with the likes of Bon Jovi. More convenient inventions and better vehicles were on the rise. Most of all, this era saw some of the spicy catchphrases and slang saying of all times. That is why many trending sites like the FamilyWise have the best of these.

Some Of The Best Slang and Terms of the 80s

Whether hanging out with your friends or re-energize the workplace, you can use some slang sayings. It can make you a laid-back person, but it helps to win over new friends. After all, everyone loves to try out new things. You can be starting new trendy sayings that your colleagues and friends will love to use. So, the 80s slang and sayings like tubular, bad, and gag me with a spoon are the famous ones. Tubular means incredible or spectacular, and so is the slang “bad”.

Also, the term “gag me with a spoon” is still in use today. You know, when something is a flop, it is bogus. This 80s slang is still on every kid’s tongue because of the popular 80s movies. So, anything that is crappy is bogus. People told their friends to chill using the ” don’t have a cow” saying to make it fun. The idea seems interesting and hilarious today too. Teenagers and adults alike use the trendy slang ” no, duh” a lot. However, they do not know that it was the 80s when it was born. Another way of saying as if in the 80s was “not even”. These are some of the best ones that you can use to bring back some excitement.

More Slang Sayings to Spice It Up

Here are some of the nerdy and cool sayings that you can use.


The best way to answer in confirmation, but in a sarcastic manner, is to use this term. Make yourself look like someone free from all the negativity in life.


Are you feeling disgusted? The expression with saying grody was to show the disgusting things or actions in the 80s.


This one is the most trending slang from the 80’s era. Who created it is still not known. However, the famous trippy funny movies of the 80s might be the ones.

Like totally

It is easy to affirm an answer, but it is better to make it fun and expressive.

What’s your damage?

Another hit from the 80s that people never seem to forget.


Making life exciting and fun is easy. Some online blogs and sites offer fun stuff. The FamilyWise is one of the trending ones that bring enthusiasm back into your ordinary life. Talking and sharing with friends is one of the best ways to relieve daily stress. So, using funny and cool slang sayings from the 80s can be stress-reducing. You can use it at parties or when hanging out with buddies. Hence, making more friends and starting any slang terms trends can be your thing.

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