Use Homemade Protein Supplement

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In the fitness world protein powder is the most celebrated supplement. A large supplement industry is flourishing because of the demand of this supplement. Every second supplement brand claims to come up with the best protein supplement almost every year. World is moving toward fitness more than ever, that is a good sign of change. Every person has the right to live a healthy lifestyle. 

With the right nutrients, exercises, pure air, and pollution free environment can make it easy to achieve. Fitness centers are mushrooming and give opportunity to get them the life they want. Supplement brands are committed to offer them the best whey protein powder in the market. But how many are keeping their promises. You ensure to get the best only if you have control over it. You can’t control the air, environment, and gym as these can be regulated by collective efforts. But you can have control over protein supplements because you can make them at home. 

Best Homemade Protein Supplement: 

Make protein powder at home and avoid the adultery in the supplement. 

Whey Protein: We know that whey protein is the best protein available in the market. So,  the price of the whey supplement is quite high. Many people buy cheap whey protein that doesn’t match the international standard or may have side effects. So here is the process to make whey protein at home.

  • Get cottage cheese, buttermilk, yoghurt, curd, or any other milk product. 
  • Curd is a better option because you will get it at home easily. 
  • Use a strainer on the top of the bowl where you have put the curd. 
  • Cover the strainer with muslin cloth. 
  • Pour 250 gram curd on the strainer.
  • Wrap it with plastic.
  • Keep it overnight in the refrigerator for 8 hours. 
  • Remove the bowl from the top of it
  • You will get curd cheese on the top of strainer
  • And home made whey protein is collected there in the bowlis. 
  • You can store it in the bottle and refrigerate it that will last for six months. 

Pea, Chia, and Almond Protein Smoothie: Pea protein contains a spectacular profile of amino acids that makes it tough to beat. But due to distinct and unique taste, pea protein is quite a tough ingredient sometimes while making smoothies. Many people who are habitual of whey protein don’t like the taste of pea protein. Yet it is the best choice for a vegan. To improve the taste you can add varieties of other ingredients which are not only healthy but also are tasty. You must follow the process of making pea protein smoothie. 

  • 1 banana better if it is frozen
  • 1 full spoon of  chia seeds
  • 1 full scoop of  pea protein powder
  • Almond milk
  • Ice for better taste

Pea and strawberry protein shake: To make pea protein powder tasty, you can add strawberry and follow these steps.

  • Full cup of fresh uncut sweet strawberries
  • A cup of Low fat milk
  • Pea protein powder
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extracts
  • Salt or any sweetener for better taste

Eggs Whites: Eggs are a rich source of protein. Besides protein, eggs are a great source of BCAAs, omega 3 or 6, and several vitamins. That can help you in fast muscle recovery and building. Everybody can’t digest the yellow part of eggs so it is better to use the egg whites only.  If you are thinking of switching over eggs from whey protein, you have to follow the instructions. 

  • One cup of egg whites. Or You can also use the egg flour available in the market. 
  • Half cup of warm water
  • One spoon of vegetable oil for one egg. 
  • Blend them 

Here are some of the best homemade protein supplements that are easy to make. The ingredients are easily available in the home or market.  These are free of adulterants as you have control over the ingredients. So, choose the supplement which you know by the ingredients. 

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