Use These 10 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Account

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  1. Consistency in Your Feed:

The primary thing you need to emphasize above all else is being consistent with your feed. For instance, does your page have a unifying theme to it? Do what you can to keep your subject matter consistent. This even means keeping a consistent color scheme. All this helps readers or followers figure out what your account revolves around.

  1. Be Sure You Reply to any Comments:

If anyone comments on your photos, take time to reply. This is particularly important if they wrote you something genuine. If someone shares their opinion with you about your photos in real life, you’re not going to hold back. Why do so in the digital world? Also, avoid the habit of posting and running. Engage your content about an hour after you post it so you can be around to reply to any comments, or you can ask for auto like Instagram- free for 1 post. This makes the algorithm think that your content is somewhat popular, which can land you on the coveted Explore page.

  1. Only Follow Niche Accounts:

If you’d like to get a helping hand from Instagram in growing both your audience and your business, then you should only follow those that are in your current niche. If you have other interests, open other accounts to pursue them.

  1. Tagging and Hashtags:

You can use hashtags to get images discovered, but you need to know how to apply them appropriately. You might need as many as two dozen hashtags, but always keep them relevant to your current niche. It’s easy to search for specific hashtags that might work for your image. A good rule of thumb is looking for hashtags that have less than half a million submissions and use them first before applying a handful of bigger ones down the list. Another good idea is tagging any accounts that are associated with particular hashtags as well as within your current niche. Doing so boosts your odds of being featured on the pages of others.

  1. Use Hashtags to Engage Other:

When looking for photo hashtags, take a few moments to look through any relevant photos so you can make comments. When you do this, Instagram is going to virtually ‘group’ you along with anyone you comment to or with. This puts you on the Explore page quicker. Also, genuine interaction can mean growing an authentic audience. That’s what you’re really after, right?

  1. Cleaning Up Your Account:

You might be aware of the old follow-unfollow technique, and you might have even made a habit of using it. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work anymore. If you really want to have a user base of consistent and real individuals that are following you, then you need to eliminate inactive users. Cleaner is a good app to download for this. Once you do, look for the Followers icon near the bottom before going through Quick Select, Advanced Quick Select, and Select Inactive Users. Doing so will figure out who is inactive so you can block them automatically. The end result is a followers list full of active and actual users.

  1. Pick Your Posting Times:

Even though people might be on Instagram 24/7, most users have select times of day that they actually check in. Do you have a Business account? If so, then check out the Insights tab, because it can tell you what the best times are for posting your photos. Posting a quarter of an hour ahead of these times means your photos get into peoples’ feeds right about the time they’re starting to scroll through. It’s unfortunately a little bit more work if your account isn’t a Business one. If so, just track what time of day actually works out best for you, in particular the times that you notice the highest levels of engagement. If that turns out to be 3 in the afternoon, try to consistently post at that specific time as much as is possible.

  1. Do Some Warm-Up Engaging Before You Post Anything:

When you know what time you’re going to post an image, try to get on 30 minutes in advance. That way, you can actually spend time engaging with some of the accounts you’re following. In doing so, you might get some love returned when you finally post your photo.

  1. Get A Squad Together:

Make a tight circle of less than a dozen accounts from your chosen niche. Turn on the notifications for them so everyone can engage with one another’s content the moment anything goes live. You can grow as a group and help one another along the way.

  1. Remain Active:

While you might look at Instagram as an algorithm, you need to remember that it’s also a community. Be an active member of the community, and not just some place you can make money. By all means, share what you have to offer, but stick around enough to treasure and cherish what others have to offer too.

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