Useful Tips for Coping With Social Anxiety

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It’s normal to feel anxious in social situations, be it speaking before a crowd, or trying something new. However, if the thought of attending family gatherings, office BBQs, other social engagements leaves you feeling apprehensive, you could be battling a social anxiety disorder. Fortunately, you can easily manage this mental health disorder and live a fulfilling life. That said, here are some tried-and-tested strategies for coping with social anxiety: 

Prepare Before Going to a Social Situation

Some preparation can go a long way in easing your anxiety in social places. An easy way to prepare for social situations is identifying people and things that will make you feel at ease. If it’s an office party, for instance, you can ask a colleague whom you are close with, to accompany you. To avoid awkward conversation that may stir your anxiety, you can formulate a pop culture trivia in your head.

Arriving at a social event with pre-planned ice breakers and stories makes it easier to face strangers without feeling anxious. Questions such as

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