Using Cheap International Calls To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

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Keeping in touch with loved ones can be quite a challenge when they aren’t in the direct vicinity with us, and we keep getting busy with one thing or the other. Fitting anything in a busy work schedule, if it isn’t a requirement can be quite challenging. However, talking to your parents at the end of the week, if you are studying in another country, can be quite comforting, whether you are telling them about all the amazing stuff that happened at work, or all the negativity you want to vent and get off your chest. 

The Coronavirus pandemic gave most people a lot of spare time since a majority of public and private workplaces shut shop for the safety of their employees and complying with Government directives. Unfortunately, however, airports and state borders also shut down, leaving a lot of people stranded in countries where they were working or studying, while their families were elsewhere. With all the time at their disposal and waiting for their respective countries to work on taking them back, people wanted to connect with friends and family, not quite understanding how much of a concern the virus was. 

With the number of people getting infected regularly, with the death rate getting higher and higher every day, everyone was scared and wanted to be with their friends and family, which was not immediately possible. 

Calling your family in India is now possible without too much trouble. Getting in touch with people in other countries has always been challenging with multiple issues with overall communication. The infrastructure was not correctly set up and coordinating between the correct timezones just made it quite challenging. With easy access to the internet, multiple benefits came about, including cheap calls all over the world, handled through various apps and websites used to make this happen. 

However, the internet in India is not the best with a majority of the country using their phone data for online calls that keep cutting in and out. Talkings to family members was now a challenge and enjoying the comfort of hearing their voices was turning into a stressful experience. However, with an online platform allowing people to make cheap calls to India, people were calling others without worrying about the costing. 

The platform allowed people from most parts of the world to make cheap international calls to each other at prices that were next to nothing, in some cases, matching local prices. Additionally, the platform did not need either individual to have a smartphone or an internet connection and would place regular calls with ease, additionally allowing people to call desk phones and landlines. 

The platform has all the information and details about different area codes of places affiliated with it. Every day, the team updates it with more details and locations. The applicants receive a phone number that they can use to make the call. They have to dial the number, connecting them to the person they want to talk to, who would not get their phone number, but another one generated by the system. 

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