Valentine’s Activities to Do With Kids

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We tend to focus our attention on our spouses on Valentine’s Day, treating it as “grown-up” holiday.  But what if we made it a family holiday, the whole family sharing love all together?

We tend to focus our attention on our spouses on Valentine’s Day, treating it as “grown-up” holiday.  But what if we made it a family holiday, the whole family sharing love all together? Here are some fun Valentine's activities to do with kids.It may be the time to start a new family tradition for Valentine’s Day.  These ideas will help you get your kids involved in the celebration of love.  Or maybe they’ll help you come up with a few new ideas of your own.

  1. Make Valentine’s Day a “red day”. Decorate the house with red cut-out hearts, streamers, and balloons. Wear a red outfit. Serve heart-shaped red velvet pancakes for breakfast. Make heart-shaped sandwiches for your kids lunch.
  2. Ask the kids to tell you how they think Valentine’s Day got its start. Then help them do some research to see if they’re right. Have them write a story with the information they learn and share it with the family.
  3. Get the kids to make an “I love you because” book for someone they care about. They can write personal messages, draw or include some favorite photos.
  4. Encourage your kids to think about people who may be lonely on Valentine’s Day. They can brainstorm ideas together about how to show they care. They can make their own Valentine cards, bake heart-shaped cookies, or invite their friend to a lunch or dinner with your family.
  5. Mail your kids a Valentine’s card. Your kids will love finding something special for them when they get the mail. Write about your wishes and dreams for them or share some special memories.
  6. Tell your kids how you celebrated Valentine’s Day when you were their age. Let them talk to their grandparents about how they celebrated. Talk about some of the Valentine’s traditions your family has shared through the years. Discuss how they have changed and how they’ve stayed the same.  Let your kids choose a new tradition that you can start together.
  7. Share the love with Grandparents. Have your kids write individual notes to Grandma and Grandpa then deliver them with a bouquet of flowers or some homemade cookies. If their grandparents don’t live close by, mail each one a note in a separate envelope with a something special the kids make just for them.
  8. Discuss personalized ways to show each of your kids love with your spouse. One child might appreciate some quality time so they can be the center of attention. Another may feel loved with positive affirmations or special gifts.
  9. Help the kids plan a scavenger hunt for Mom or Dad. Have the kids come up with clues and hide them around the house for mom or dad. The end of the hunt can lead to a special gift like gift certificates for favors (wash car, clean out the garage, etc.), homemade treats, and framed family pictures.

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  1. Jana Williams says

    Aw I Love Valentines Day and I Really Love Arts & Crafts So This is Right Up My Alley! Although I Don’t Have Kids Myself I Do Have Nieces and Nephews That I Enjoy Spending Time With and They Would Enjoy Stuff Like This! When I Was a Little Girl We Used to Make Valentines Day Folders to Put All Our Cards in and I Used to Really Enjoy it! Well Thanks Again For Sharing, Have a Blessed Day My Friend! – Jana

  2. Sherry Fram says

    Awesome ideas for the kids! Thanks for posting!

  3. I love these ideas. The “I love you because” book is a great idea. I think we will do this. Maybe for my parents. They would be so touched.

  4. These are adorable Valentine’s Day crafts! 🙂 I have three kiddos that would love doing these with me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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