Visiting Tennessee? Why You Should Visit Pigeon Forge While You’re There

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Tennessee is a state of wonder. From the picturesque landscape to the unrivaled country music scene, you are guaranteed to find entertainment and beauty at every turn, especially when you visit Pigeon Forge. This popular vacation town contains many of the attractions that people think of when they think of Tennessee, and it is an absolute must to visit if you find yourself in the state. Are you thinking of taking a trip soon? If so, here are some of the fantastic things to do in Pigeon Forge that you should try when you are in the area!


Perhaps the most iconic of the Pigeon Forge attractions, Dollywood is a theme park owned by famous country star Dolly Parton that gives you all of the southern hospitality you could wish for. Built-in the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood features a traditional theme park section, a water park section, high-class entertainment, resort and cabin vacation areas, and plenty of festivals and amenities to keep you busy during your stay. No matter what you are looking for out of your stay in Tennessee, the Dollywood experience is sure to help you check every item off of your to-do list and provide you with plenty of cherished memories along the way. You may even meet Ms. Dolly Parton herself!

The Hollywood Wax Museum

While the Hollywood Wax Museum may be one of the most popular tourist spots in California, you can expect to see this attraction to bring the silver screen to life in the Pigeon Forge area as well. From movie and TV stars such as Lucille Ball and Sandra Bullock to music legends like Michael Jackson, you can see all of the famous stars you love and take pictures with these impressive, life-sized figurines. If you are looking for something a bit more exhilarating, the wax museum has other attractions such as a 5D shooting adventure known as the Castle of Chaos, a dreamlike quest that carries you through Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and a survival maze that brings you face to face with the undead in Outbreak – Dread the Undead. If you love Hollywood and all things entertainment, you have to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum. 

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum

If you are someone who likes all things crime and mystery, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is the perfect spot for you. Named after the notorious island prison located in San Francisco, this museum in Pigeon Forge gives you in-depth detail about some of the biggest cases and criminals in the world as you come face to face with real-life items that made these cases. In addition to the artifacts that are found in the museum year-round, you can also expect to see themed temporary exhibits, see how criminals are booked and processed, and learn more about what goes into tracking down criminals and the science that helps investigators piece together evidence. If you are on a family trip, the museum provides plenty of activities in their Junior Detective sections, where they can learn more about pirates and cowboys, crack safes, and solve cases! If you need a fun, relaxing stop somewhere along your visit, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is the place to go. 

Pigeon Forge is home to some of the best entertainment in the south. While this is not an exhaustive list, the few attractions mentioned above give you a brief glimpse of just how much you can do. Make sure to visit some of these exciting places and research more local spots when you book a visit to the volunteer state! 

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