Vitamin Patches: A Good Alternative to Pills!

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A large majority of people are found taking vitamin supplements through oral means. They resort to the liquid form, capsules, or pills to get their daily recommended dose of vitamins. This has been the norm for years and serves to be a common means of taking health supplements and nutritional /vitamins for overall well-being and good health. These days, there is another easier-to-use and equally (if not more) beneficial alternative that’s providing vitamin deficient people with helpful solutions. Specialists, researchers, and health care professionals are now recommending transdermal vitamin patches in lieu of pills and capsules. These patches are considered as better solutions for administering nutritional and vitamin supplements. Read on to know more about transdermal patches and how they can make a big difference to your vitamin intake.

Transdermal patches – What do they Mean?

The literal meaning of ‘transdermal’ is ‘through the skin.’ Vitamin supplements can be provided in their direct form with the help of a patch that’s applied to the skin. These patches are layered with specialized time-release formulas that comprise of specific minerals and vitamins. If you choose to try vitamin patches instead of pills then you would know how easy they are to put on to your skin and get the results you desire. When patches are applied to the skin of the person who is vitamin deficient, then the nutritional dosage is transmitted directly to the body over time. The dosage gets absorbed by the bloodstream for the cause of utilization and fast availability by the human body system.

Result of Swallowing Vitamin Pills

When nutritional supplement pills are swallowed, they end up reaching the stomach. A potent combination of intestinal juices and acids start acting on them.  Depending on the nature and quantity of food already ingested by the person taking the pills, the pills can remain in the stomach for hours in a row. It normally takes up to four hours or more for a regular digestive process to complete its cycle. In case the process is repeated continuously, the potency of the pills gets degraded or immobilized by the digestive stomach acids. If any nutritional value remains in the vitamin pills then the vital nutrients pass into the small intestine. From there, the nutrients contained in the oils get added to the bloodstream to reach all vital organs and metabolic systems. 

Construction of a Transdermal Patch

Transdermal patches comprise of the following parts to make them effective:

Liner – The lining is useful for the protection of the patch when it is in the unused condition. This liner has to be removed before use. 

Formula – The release liner remains in direct contact with the medication or supplementation.

Adhesive – This layer is useful for sticking the various components of the patches into one unit; the adhesive layer is also useful for placing the patch on the skin in a manner that it does not move from its place. 

Membrane – The membrane is responsible for releasing the supplementation or medication from the multi-layered patches and the reservoir therein. 

Backing – This last layer of the transdermal patch is useful for protecting the patch from environmental influences. 

Consequences of Applying Vitamin Patches

Once the vitamin patch is placed on the skin, the supplement formulation and the accompanying nutrients are activated by the heat of the user’s body. The transmission of these supplements and nutrients takes place through thin blood vessels called the capillaries that are found below the surface of the skin. This type of delivery method, where the nutrients are passed on directly to the bloodstream, is referred to as Transdermal Delivery. The nutrients are absorbed directly by the pores contained in the dermal layer of the skin; hence, the delivery method is known as the Transdermal Delivery method. 

Where to Apply Transdermal Patches?

The common areas for applying the patches are the upper forearm, inner/out arm, and the shoulder of the user. Another commonly used area of application is the users’ wrist. 

Time of Delivery by Vitamin Patches

The nutritional products and vitamins contained in patches generally take 4 hours to complete the full delivery cycle. This delivery method is referred to as the Time Release Delivery system. If you scour the marketplace, you’ll come across some vitamin patches that fall in the category of “time-release delivery”. These patches are specifically formulated and designed for the cause of specific patches, hence the names under which they are usually marketed. It is possible to receive optimal health benefits through the use of vitamin patches that utilize the absorption method. 

Easy Method of Taking Vitamins 

Firstly, it’s important to note why you should be supplementing your vitamin intake with the help of patches. When your body is deficient in any given vitamin or other vital nutrients, the levels of energy, immunity, and the rate of metabolism get impacted before anything else. Under the circumstances, nutritionists and health care experts recommend the nutrients in the required dosage to protect your body against any type of physical stress.  There are several circumstances that may disrupt your desire for consuming healthy food. Multivitamin patches come in handy in such cases to take care of the gaps and revitalize your body organs and vital systems. You can invest in effective and easy-to-apply transdermal patches that can provide you with adequate measures of the nutrients required for maintaining your general health. 

Benefits of Using Transdermal Vitamin Patches

The potent formulas and combinations contained in vitamin patches get directly absorbed by the skin to bring about the desired effect, and in the fastest manner. The controlled release technology is used for releasing the vital nutrients into the bloodstream, thereby giving off instant energy and plentiful benefits. Given their many health benefits and ease of use, you may want to buy these effective and safe vitamin patches to replace your pills. You may expect a much higher absorption rate with these patches, which in turn, will lead to better health in a matter of days. Say “hello” to improved memory, enhanced energy levels, better immune system responses, and healthier heart and bones; get home the goodness of transdermal patches, today. 

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