Want To Have a Stylish New Living Room This New Year? Read This

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One of the greatest opportunities you will ever face is revamping your home at the start of a new decade. Gone are the days of the same old design elements and in with the new, shiny, and fresh elements. The start of the new year and new decade is a chance for you to re-explore your interests and goals, and make new resolutions that will last you a new decade. And your home should be included in these resolutions as well by giving your living room the ultimate stylish makeover. 

How on earth will you know about trends when we’re only a few weeks into the new year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the stylish and trendy design elements that many interior designers are recommending as well as predicting their popularity. 

Cozy Elements 

Thankfully, you can still count on having your living room the coziest place it can be this year. The trend of comfort and cozy is here to stay with fluffy fabrics like shearling or soft textures. You can complement your sofas with plush cushions and learn how to arrange them in a way that makes your couch and living room much more inviting. You’ll find that this website recommends several arrangement options that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sofa, giving it the ultimate cozy and laid back vibe. You’d be surprised at how an arrangement will enhance your living room’s features. Consider also using real plants for that homey touch. 

Earthy Colors 

One trend that you might see diminishing are soft-colored tones or cool tones. This year, a trend that will rise includes furniture and colors that fall into earthy tones. Think chocolate brown, olive green, wine-colored or clay-colored furniture or colors, or even yellow. These colors are more warm, natural, and inviting. They represent all that is natural, rustic, and wild, and it will be the ideal ambiance for going back to your roots, meditations, or having a calm evening. 

The Bolder the Better 

There was these assumptions ages ago that black or any dark color will make the room smaller. On the contrary, many interior designers nowadays believe that black accents are the best way to go this year. It will make your living room look stylish and high end. Dark-colored furniture or doors are rich, will add warmth, and will provide an artistic design element to your living room. You can also go high-contrast by contrasting it with white for that perfect aesthetic appeal. 

Boho Chic Inspiration 

Boho Chic design elements is inspired by all that is hippie, vintage, and a reminder of the good and simple times. And so, many Boho-inspired furniture has been making a comeback to create that perfect balance between the modern and the traditional. Think Rattan and Wicker furniture pieces that can become a wonderful addition to your living room. They’re earthy, fresh, and very trendy. 

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/living-room-house-interior-design-2583032/

Dramatic Wallpapers 

Usually, when you design your living room, one immediately looks at paint swatches and decides on the ideal color that will suit your design scheme. However, 2020 sees a resurgence of dramatic wallpapers instead. Think gorgeous floral prints or even a single print wallpaper. They’ll definitely make a great addition to your living room and will keep you on-trend. You’ll find a lot of options to choose from if you with this style, and you won’t regret it! 

Biophilia Designs 

Due to the increased dangers of climate change, many interior designers have become eco-conscious in a way that they’ve created designs that are sustainable but gorgeous as well. This is where Biophilia designs come in, many people have opted to get organic furniture pieces or ones made out of recycled wood. Going with this style will make your living room look organic, clean, ethereal, and homey. Design in 2020 is all about being environmentally friendly and going back to nature. 

A living room is your haven; a place where you come back from work ready to unwind and forget about your day. It’s where you meet guests and spend time with your family or even chill with a good book. So why not make use of a new year and a new decade and add some stylistic elements to your living room? When it comes to revamping your living room, 2020 is the year with emerging trends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding newer and fresher design elements in your living room, and these are just a sample of predictions and expectations made by some of the best interior designers. 

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