Want to Learn How to Choose the Right Harness for Your Dog?

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A dog with a harness

Taking your dog safely out for a stroll should be as easy as picking the right harness for him. However, it might be dangerous for you and your dog if you get the wrong harness size for your puppy, as he may easily slip out and run off. Hence, it is important to know which type or size of the harness is suitable for your pet. But, how do you choose amongst so many choices? We’ve curated a short guide for you to determine which Nalzo dog harness type and size is correct for your dog so that next time you don’t feel confused when you visit a dog store.

The advantages of dog harnesses

Let’s start by discussing the advantages of a dog harness versus a collar. Dog harnesses typically allow caregivers more command over their pets than chains do. Although they can make it simpler to restrain a dog from tugging, they might not always work. In comparison to a collar, harnesses are also significantly less prone to detach. They are useful for senior dogs who may want assistance working up after a nap. To provide your dog with the additional effort he needs to stand up, all you should do is carefully lift.

Guidelines for Measuring a Dog for a Harness

When it concerns your dog’s harness measurement, there is just one rule that applies: girth is crucial. But how can you gauge your dog’s width, though?

Since the harness wraps over the chest, it’s important to measure it while choosing a Nalzo dog harness length. Allow your dog to stand up so you can check his circumference by placing a measuring tape over the widest portion of his chest. Two fingers should pass in between the harness and your puppy’s chest when it is the appropriate fit.

Various Dog Harnesses

The Adjustable Straps

The simplest harnesses are those with adjustable straps. They may still be fashionable, nevertheless. While not the greatest option for heavyweight pullers, they are ideal for dogs that prefer a casual stroll. They suit all breeds of dogs.

The Step-In Straps

A step-in harness is quite easy to use and considerably easier to throw on. It has 2 elements for each leg

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